Document Management in SAP: Healthcare Industry Solutions

ECM SAP Solution for the healthcare industry ECM for SAP in the healthcare industry is not limited to managing patient records

Health insurance companies, hospitals, old people’s homes and rehabilitation clinics have to pay bills, process emails, maintain personal data, create documents and archive them in a regulatory-compliant manner just like other business enterprises. With our solutions for SAP document management, it is also possible to lower costs and automate processes in healthcare. The first step to optimize your document management in the healthcare industry is the digitization of existing paper documents (if not yet done). Over time, your company has certainly accumulated veritable mountains of files, which are very costly to manage and require much space. Whether health insurance, hospital, medical care center, nursing home or rehabilitation clinic: After having digitized the documents of the various areas (patient-related and business / administrative), you can manage them easily and decentral with a document management system and automate routine tasks using workflows.

SAP patient management for healthcare

Patient documents such as medical reports, prescriptions, statements, reports and findings can be collected in our solution for electronic patient record. Since many clinics use SAP, it is obvious that this already existing system can be extended by our SAP add-on software for the administration of electronic patient records. The deep integration of the patient record into your existing SAP system has the advantage that all documents relating to a specific patient are collected in one place and only authorized users can access the electronic files from anywhere via SAP or the SAP web interface.

With our inPuncto SAP add-on software for patient records, you can also realize the statutory retention periods technical-organizational, across locations and data protection compliant, so that a complete medical documentation is possible.

Document management in SAP: hospital management

As in all other industries in healthcare you also need to handle email, make orders, manage staff, generate and pay bills. With the inPuncto software for SAP, you can automate these processes (e.g. purchasing, human resources management or finances) of health insurances, hospitals and clinics. All process participants can use a uniform workflow, regardless of whether they are integrated in the invoicing process via SAP GUI (cockpit, Business Workplace), e-mail, Web or mobile app.

Human resource management

Like the patient records, you can also integrate the personnel files into the existing SAP system. For example incoming emails can be transferred to the SAP personnel file, using the personnel number directly from Outlook, and also employee letters or other mass documents can be created with the SAP data in just a few clicks. The sensitive personnel files are optimally protected against unauthorized access thanks to the authorizations defined in SAP.

Automation of SAP workflows

Also interesting for your document management in the healthcare industry is the automation of workflows for invoice processing, approval workflows for purchase orders as well as supplier invoices.Thanks to the automatic reading of the document data with the inPuncto OCR application for SAP and the comparison with the existing SAP master data, incoming invoices (with reference to the order and without reference to the order) are automatically assigned correctly and, if necessary, forwarded via workflow to a clerk or decision maker for final release.

SAP archiving for documents

Of course, SAP ECM in healthcare industry also includes the archiving of invoices and the archiving of delivery notes. The inPuncto software for SAP ensures the regulatory compliant and auditable archiving of your documents.

Conclusion: Process optimization with SAP ECM in the healthcare industry is worthwhile

With document management for SAP, you can also automate many time-consuming administrative processes in healthcare industry, minimize paper-to-paper records, and comply with legal document retention periods. In our references (“Medicine, Pharma & Chemistry”) you can also see which healthcare companies use our solutions.