Updates for the inPuncto Workflow Management Tool for SAP

the workflow management tool new update (version 2.4.121) The new version 2.4.121 of the workflow tool now supports the SAP GUI 7.50 and from version 2.4.122 the space for the release stamps can be extended

With inPuncto’s SAP workflow tool, you can automatically initiate and target electronic document approval workflows, depending on the content of the document. Thus, all relevant and required process participants are involved in the electronic workflow according to their authorizations.

Due to different access options, you can include the process participants via SAP Cockpit or Business Workplace or via e-mail in the workflow (with or without internet connection). The integrated completeness check ensures that the next user has all the information he needs for the following processing step. The document can be forwarded either automatically or manually to the next process participant.

The new features of the version 2.4.121

  • When sending reply mails, biz²DocumentControl now also supports SSL encryption.
  • With the new parameter “LoadAgents_SapMethods” in the XML configuration it is now possible to specifically control in which scenarios the list of the next administrators should be freshly loaded.
  • The biz²DocumentControl now also supports cooperation with the new SAP GUI 7.50
  • Further optimizations

The new features of the version 2.4.122

The available space for the texts of the release stamp (release text, release date and name of the approver) can be extended with new settings in the registry. This may be helpful in some screen resolutions or languages, so that texts are shown completely.

Benefits of the inPuncto workflow tool for SAP

  • Accelerate the review and approval processes
  • Cost savings through faster processing.
  • Clearly defined competence regulations.
  • Error reduction through standardized processes.
  • Optimization of the purchase-to-pay process.
  • Full transparency through logs, histories and the cockpit function.
  • Revision security.
  • Search for original documents is omitted.
  • Existing signature regulations can be used.
  • Payment terms are adhered to.
  • Discount income can be increased due to fast processing.

If you have questions about the new functions of the SAP workflow tool biz²DocumentControl, feel free to contact our support team.