Electronic processing of invoices

Optimisation of the purchase-to-pay process thanks to automated processing of invoices in SAP

Automate your processing of invoices in SAP and optimate therefore the purchase-to-pay process!

Every day, your company gets a variety of invoices which has to be captured, checked and released manually. The manual processing of invoices needs a high effort and is very fault-prone. Precisely in this purchase-to-pay-processes, the potential for optimisation resp. automation is high.

By optimating the purchase-to-pay with the inPuncto software, the SAP business logic and tools (objects, responsibilities, workflow) are extended with helpful additional functions like scanning, automated incoming mail for incoming documents incl. OCR/ICR-technology, a comfortable workflow-management-tool for the electronic processing of invoices and release of invoices, an invoice cockpit etc. The invoice workflow happens without media disruptions, invoice workflow protocols are generated automatically and the invoices are archived conformable to law and audit-proof.

Via web or e-mail also participants in process who are non-SAP specialists can be integrated in the electronic validation and release workflow of the processing of invoices. They even can process invoices without an internet connection on business trips. The completely checked document is saved in a queue and by going online it is automatically transfered via workflow. The process of electronic processing of invoices is not interrupted.

For the automated purchase-to-pay-process, the invoices come in as paper or in digital form without having to be presorted. The invoice-relevant values are read out automatically and compared with SAP values. According to the type of receipt, the specific invoice workflow is specifically initiated. Thanks to the invoice cockpit you can monitor, intervene, allocate in a new way, inform, evaluate all invoices. After the finished booking, the original document (received creditor invoice, invoice with reference to the order, credit item etc.) and the invoice workflow protocol are attached at the FI receipt (booked invoice receipt). Purchase to Pay optimization with inPuncto – more favourable, faster, more transparent!

How does the electronic processing of invoices within the automated purchase-to-pay-process in SAP work?

In a simple example, which is available for you as PDF, the process of the electronic processing of invoices is exemplary illustrated: Purchase-to-pay: electronic processing of invoices


Short overview of the optimation of purchase to pay through electronic processing of invoices with the most important advantages for you:
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Optimisation of the purchase-to-pay process with automated processing of invoices

Optimisation of the purchase-to-pay process with automated processing of invoices


Your advantages through the optimisation of the purchase-to-pay process with electronic processing of invoices:

  • Satisfy compliance requirements: our solution is cerrtified by auditors and complies with all statutory provisions (GoBD).
  • Acceleration of processes up to a few minutes.
  • Quick access to original documents and integration of management reports.
  • Absence management and escalations are plainly regulated – no loss of time.
  • All actions of processing are completely documentated.
  • Complete overview of all invoices and their states in realtime.
  • Generation of history for every process.
  • Analysis for management.
  • Compliance with dates of payment at all invoices.
  • reduction of default charges.
  • Increase of profit through cash discounts.

Tested and certified!

GoBD audit certificate

Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software

Supports ZUGFeRD!

zugferd file format

We support ZUGFeRD invoice format

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Further solutions for process optimisation in SAP: electronic document receipt & workflow