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Automated capturing and processing of documents

Increase the availability, security and transparency when dealing with business relevant documents and data thanks to the automated document capturing and document processing!

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SAP automation tools for document capturing & processing


The SAP system with its business logic offers an ideal platform to manage additional documents and data context-specifically. The inPuncto add-on products under the designation ECM-Suite pick up this logic and help you to capture and process your documents automatically (document processing optionally with OCR (text recognition), PDF and TIFF, conversion, starting workflows, archiving etc.). Therefore you can design any document-based business processes more safely and efficiently: e.g. linking delivery note automatically with respective incoming goods or material receipts, automatic reading out, verification and approval of incoming invoices, targeted linking of e-mails with projects or creating own documents in Microsoft Office and their automatic connection with SAP etc.

The products of the inPuncto ECM-Suite offer you a variety of flexible solution possibilities for a quick, safe and comfortable document capture and document processing.

Your Benefits

Performance improvement

The automated document management enables an acceleration of your document-based processes: Instead of several days you need only a few minutes.

Productivity growth

Availability, security and transparency lead to an increase of productivity by up to 60% thanks to automated document management.

Time / Cost savings

Reduction of search efforts, parallel availability of documents in several locations. Omission of the paper archive lead to cost reductions by up to 40% in comparison to the paper-based processes.

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Application examples

SAP Scanning & archiving of documents to business objects

Automatic, context-specific booking/archiving in your SAP system. Realize scenarios for e.g. single scanning in the SAP-GUI or out-place. You can use it central as well as with decentralized scan stations for your inbox

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Batch scanning & batch processing of documents in SAP (OCR, PDF, TIFF)

Automatic, context-specific booking/archiving in your SAP system. Realize scenarios for e.g. mass scanning  in the SAP-GUI or out-place. You can use it central as well as with decentralized scan stations for your inbox

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Transferring electronic documents directly in SAP

With inPuncto products you have various “input channels” for electronic documents that have to be managed in the SAP system. Files, XML, PDFs etc. can be linked context-specifically to the SAP logic/processes/objects.

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Document capture & workflows-initiation

The content of documents determines the following way. Invoices for example are read out via market-leading OCR/ICR-engine (free-form predictive text) and specific workflows for the following processes (e.g. auditing and release workflow) are started.

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Synchronize Excel & Outlook documents with SAP data

With the inPuncto software, for example, values can be automatically read from Excel and transferred to SAP. You can also simply drag and drop Outlook e-mails into SAP.

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That’s what the SAP-DMS by inPuncto can do.

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Automated capturing & processing of documents

How to automate the capturing and processing of documents in SAP.

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 Documents in SAP


 Documents in SAP

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