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Social engagement in 2017


Donations instead of gifts

Since 2010 we dispense with Christmas gifts and support various projects of Plan International Deutschland e.V. with donations instead. As in previous years, we can contribute, inter alia, to the combat of children´s malnutrition in South Sudan and to the realisation of better mobility for midwifes in Laos.
Furthermore, our CEO Dr. Frank Marcial is a member of the entrepreneur network tradition-ES in Esslingen, Germany, and personally engages in projects for the elderly.

Prevent hunger in Africa – 2017

In June 2017 we made donations to UNICEF. This way, we could support the aid organization to supply famine affected regions in Africa with clean drinking water, food and medicine.


Dispense with presents and donate instead: personal commitment – 2016

As in previous years, in 2016 we dispensed with christmas presents for the benefit of various social projects by Plan International Deutschland e.V.

In addition, our CEO Dr. Frank Marcial got personally involved in various social projects of the enterprise network tradition-ES. He helped building a raised flower bed for a retirement home, collecting donations during and after the EZ marathon, as well as organizing feats in retirement homes in Esslingen.


Meaningful presents – 2015

This year the inPuncto company renounces Christmas presents for customers in order to support several projects of Plan International Deutschland e.V.:


News about our godchild Ardelsham – 2014

With the sponsorship contribution by inPuncto, we supported diverse local projects for the region of Guli (Sudan) in the areas health and education, which benefit our 13 years old godchild. Ardelsham attends the elementary school, which he can reach by foot within less than 30 minutes. This year Ardelsham had a brother.

The projects are being organised and supported by Plan International Deutschland e.V.


Cooking trolley and personal engagement – 2014

Together with the members of the entrepreneur network tradition-ES, Dr. Frank Marcial handed a cooking trolley to the residents of the retirement home in Esslingen Berkheim. The handmade unique piece was inaugurated with Maultaschen and Champagne, and is since then being enthusiastically used by the elderly residents.

Mobiles Kochwagen für das Pflegeheim


Donating instead of presenting – 20.12.13

Under the slogan “Donating instead of presenting”, we have gone without christmas gifts, this year.
We instead support several families in the Philippines with emergency shelter sets, waterkits and emergency kits for babies.

The projects are organised and supervised by Plan International Deutschland e.V.


Give meaningful gifts – 2012

This year we have renounced Christmas gifts again and support a families in the Philippines with a dairy cow and several families in Uganda with goats.

The projects are organised and supervised by Plan International Deutschland e.V.


Clown doctors – 2011

This year, we support the clown doctors of the children’s hospital in Esslingen with our christmas donation.


“Ein kleines Stück vom Glück” (A small part of the happiness) – 2010


Ein kleines Stück vom Glück

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