Data archiving in SAP

Secured, regulatory-compliant filing of documents and data in SAP archives

With its business logic, SAP is the leading system for your company — it can be customized to contain all business-relevant data types and relationships. It is therefore, the leading data and document archive system.

Using the inPuncto SAP archiving add-on, one can allocate data and receipts to the relevant business data objects (this can be manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated).
The inPuncto archive solution supports both ArchiveLink and the KPRO-(DMS, RM) poles.

Examples of data processing tasks automated via the SAP archive application solution by inPuncto:

In addition to the above, the SAP archive system offers a standardized communication toolkit and transfer protocols (e.g. display of invoice data on a user’s desktop).

Our approach to data archiving builds on the basis of this standard.

Fundamentally, our add-on software uses the framework of the SAP archive system (basic definitions of document types, user access, authorizations, object dependencies, search possibilities, etc.).

Therefore, our certified SAP archiving solution is extremely lean – with a low implementation and customization footprint, you have a complete system for SAP data archiving and filing.

All scenarios of the SAP archiving and filing are supported for the following processes:

  • Data archiving (via standard ADK).
  • Filing of (still modifiable) MS Office documents at the business objects.
  • Archiving of images (TIFF, PDF, PDF-A etc.) within business data objects
  • Early & late archiving, OAWD, with/without workflow etc.
  • Archiving of outgoing receipts, etc.

Further, the SAP data-archiving by inPuncto toolkit includes an option to encode documents/data (this is dependent on the kind of physical media used for storage at your company). This is to ensure that administrators of the infrastructure-components themselves have no means to view or modify data.

Ultimately we also offer a dynamic solution for the SAP archiving developed specifically for cloud-environments (like e.g. Google Drive Documents for business).

How does SAP archiving with the inPuncto ECM software work?

You can find detailed information as a PDF: SAP archiving of data and documents


Automated archiving of incoming invoices in SAP with barcode processing

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Your advantages regarding the audit-proof archiving in SAP with inPuncto ECM-software

Your advantages regarding the audit-proof archiving in SAP with inPuncto ECM-software


Your advantages with inPuncto ECM-Software

  • SAP-certified archive solution.
  • Satisfaction of compliance requirements: With our solution, which is also certifiied by auditors, all statutory provisions (GoBD) are satisifed.
  • Audit-proof and conformity with law (GoBD) through the possibility of extension up to a full-encoded system.
  • Through SAP data archiving direct access to archived data.
  • Possibility of targeted implementation of local, saved shares when accessing files in the “LAN” of distributed locations.
  • Expandability for the visualization of object dependences and their documents (via SAP add-on visualizer of file structures biz²Explorer).
  • High degree of automation when creating/allocating data at the corresponding business objects.
  • Within the SAP data archiving pure usage of SAP standards (protocols, communication).
  • Slim solution: no additional managing-level & -functions.
  • inPuncto SAP archive biz²Archiver is usable for all archiving scenarios of modules like FI, CO, MM, HCM etc. – only a licence is necessary.
  • No user-based licence politics.
  • No new user management/authorizations necessary.
  • Minimal cost of training for the user thanks to the known GUI surface.

Tested and certified!

GoBD certification

Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software

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More solutions for SAP

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