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Document & data archiving in SAP

Archive your documents & data audit-proof with the SAP certified archive solution by inPuncto.

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Store your documents & data secured & regulatory-compliant in SAP archives

With its business logic, SAP is the leading system for your company. It can be customized to contain all business-relevant data types and relationships. Therefore, it is the leading data and document archive system.

Using the inPuncto SAP archiving add-on, one can allocate data and receipts to the relevant business data objects (this can be manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated).
The inPuncto archive solution supports all ArchiveLink, SAP-ILM and the KPRO-(DMS, RM) poles.

Application examples of inPuncto SAP data archiving solution:

  • Data archiving (via standard ADK).
  • Filing of (still modifiable) MS Office documents at the business objects.
  • Archiving of images (TIFF, PDF, PDF-A etc.) within business data objects.
  • Early & late archiving, OAWD, with/without workflow etc.
  • Archiving of outgoing receipts, etc.

Furthermore, the SAP data archiving by inPuncto toolkit includes an option to encode documents/data (depending on the type of physical media used your company uses as a storage). Thereby is ensured that even administrators of the infrastructure components have no possibility to view or modify data.

On top of that we offer a dynamic solution for the SAP archiving developed specifically for cloud-environments.

Your Benefits

  • SAP-certified archive solution.
  • Satisfaction of compliance requirements: With our solution, which is also certifiied by auditors, all statutory provisions (GoBD) are satisifed.
  • Audit-proof and conformity with law (GoBD) through the possibility of extension up to a full-encoded system.
  • Through SAP data archiving direct access to archived data.
  • Possibility of targeted implementation of local, saved shares when accessing files in the "LAN" of distributed locations.
  • High degree of automation when creating/allocating data at the corresponding business objects.
  • GDPR-compliant archiving: With the additional module for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), the data protection-compliant archiving is also covered. Dependencies on personal data and documents can be mapped in the system and also deleted in the legally required periods.
  • Within the SAP data archiving pure usage of SAP standards (protocols, communication).
  • Slim solution: no additional managing-level & -functions.
  • inPuncto SAP archive biz²ArchiveServer is usable for all archiving scenarios of modules like FI, CO, MM, HCM etc. - only a licence is necessary.
  • No user-based licence politics.
  • No new user management/authorizations necessary.
  • Minimal cost of training for the user thanks to the known GUI surface.
  • Independent recovery of archives from media possible.
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Application examples

Long-term archiving of data & documents in SAP

All SAP archiving and filing scenarios are supported for the following processes:

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Incoming invoice processing via ArchiveLink-relation (barcode archiving)

Automated archiving of incoming invoices via ArchiveLink connection (barcode archiving)

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Delivery annotation via ArchiveLink-relation (barcode archiving)

Allocation and archiving of delivery notes via ArchiveLink relation (barcode archiving)

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Scanning and archiving of documents directly at business objects

The SAP scanner integration makes it comfortable to work directly at the desired object.

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Automated invoice processing with OCR, invoice workflow and archiving via ArchiveLink

Scanning and processing of business-relevant data and documents in batches including OCR text recognition

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That’s what the SAP-DMS by inPuncto can do.

Short and compact – the highlights of our software:


  • NLightweight
  • Ntested & certified
  • Neconomical

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Document & data archiving in SAP

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