Workflow management for SAP

The workflow tool for validation management and releasing processes of SAP documents

Workflow tool for controlling of context-specifically release process of documentsYou can handle the digital workflow for document validation and release with the workflow management tool biz²DocumentControl (once biz²Validator) by inPuncto. The SAP workflow tool powered by inPuncto is slim, convenient, and affordable! Furthermore, this workflow management tool is accessible to non-SAP experts.

A multitude of documents that reach your company or your organisation via mail or electronically have to undergo a specific process for document release.

Depending on a document’s content, a digital workflow for the document release is initiated and handled. The relevant, necessary participants in the process are involved pursuant to the approval procedures governing the workflow.

Starting with the first call of the workflow management tool biz²DocumentControl from SAP or Outlook, an examination of completeness of the values (which have been prevalidated in the incoming mail processor biz²ScanServer), will be performed.

The user completes the details, edits and annotates. The following are stored in the form of rules in SAP (automated processor search) and therefore accelerate the authorization process. The user can also override the electronic workflow manually if necessary, so that the process is further handled in a context-specific way.

Various aspects – e.g. topic “completeness” regarding incoming invoices – are audited automatically and the necessary participants in process receive a message requesting the editing/commenting/accounting/electronic release of the given document via the electronic workflow.

The inPuncto release workflow offers various possibilities for the validation and the release of documents. Depending on, whether it is a SAP user, a temporary user or a non-SAP specialists, the participants in the process can start the workflow tool in different ways:

  • In SAP via cockpit or business workplace.
  • Outside via web or e-mail, even via e-mail without internet connection, e.g. on airplane or train.

As soon as all relevant validations and document releases exist, the transaction for this purpose, for example, will get replenished from the SAP workflow container – e.g. FB60, MIRO etc.

With the workflow management tool for the document release you can:

  • Check and complement readout values visually, attach comments and annotations, release or reject documents electronically.
  • Transfer the document automatically or manually to the next participant in the process, etc.

How does the release of documents with the electronic workflow tool work?

Here you can download a PDF file with detailed information about the context-specific release workflow with the support of the biz²DocumentControl: Automate the audit of invoices through the release workflow


Short overview of the electronic workflow tool for the document release by inPuncto with the most important advantages for you:

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inPuncto Workflow-Management-Tool biz²DocumentControl

inPuncto Workflow-Management-Tool biz²DocumentControl


The benefits of the digital workflow tool for the document release by inPuncto:

  • Shorter processing times through a targeted workflow for the document release.
  • Fast authorization process thanks to a high automation of the procedure.
  • Maximum of audit-security and legal compliance.
  • Software can be adjusted to the customer’s processes.
  • No user dependent licensing.
  • Convenient, intuitive workflow management tool.
  • Usage in SAP-GUI, in Outlook or in the web for all participants in process (also non-SAP professionals)

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