Encryption Software for SAP

Take advantage of the additional security for sensitive data and documents in the archive system with the encryption software from inPuncto!

Verschlüsselungssoftware für SAP

Data encryption for additional safeties in SAP

The access of SAP clients to sensitive data and documents in the archive of a SAP system is regulated by the HTTP content server interface. According to the SAP authorizations, admins and user can access these data resp. documents.

Archive systems of third-party supplier are mainly certified for this HTTP content server interface – therefore they support the given communication to SAP. SAP user have to login with their keyword in the SAP system. Therefore, all actions and accesses are regulated by the SAP authorizations. Through different security levels resp. access authorizations, the accesses to sensitive and highly sensitive data resp. documents is safe. Also the pure data transfer at the call of documents from an archive can be safely designed towards unauthorized “reading” from outside through HTTPS protocol.

Why additional safeties for your sensitive data and documents?

What happens if an access happens directly at the archive media (e.g. via infrastructure admins) and the archive system contents no encoding mechanisms for the filing of sensitive data resp. documents? The sensitive data resp. Documents can be – even if uncomfortably – inspected. In these cases, there exists a blatant security gap – a security gap, which the biz²CryptoServer by inPuncto closes successfully with the aid of various components like hazard algorithms, which are again encoded.

All safety functions that are provided in the SAP specification are completely retained. The biz²CryptoServer is placed between SAP and the filing resp. archive system, and the AES procedure which is used at the crypting was extended to the effect that the SAP content server interface is consistently and permanently supported.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Extensions of the pure compression mechanism of the SAP content server.
  • Data and documents become highly safe towards access at the infrastructure level.
  • Usage of further encoding components like hazard algorithms, keywords etc.
  • All safety functions that are provided in the SAP specification are completely retained.


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How to?

How does the SAP encryption software work?

To encrypt the data, the biz²CryptoServer is placed between the SAP server or client and the SAP archive. The data is not stored in the biz²CryptoServer, but only forwarded for encryption/decryption.

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