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Improve your SAP file system structure with the software by inPuncto!

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eFiles for better overview of your SAP documents


We from inPuncto address companies and organisations that see SAP as “leading system”. With this strategic positioning, the full business relevant data (paper and digital) also has to be managed in this system. Certainly targeted – at the right business objects – no matter if via ArchiveLink-relation or via original at the document information record (DIR).

The challenge is the transparent representation of the information connections. Regarding the documents, the “eFile” serves to the transparency and clarity of relevant relations (e.g. supplier – contracts – deliveries – invoices etc.)

An “eFile” enables a specific “perspective” on data technical relations. According to its “perspective”, various file structures like supplier contract, contract file, property file, project files, personnel file, sales records, purchase records, etc. can be defined in an electronic file.

This “eFile für SAP” offered together with our technology partner top flow GmbH has dedicated file functions that conveniently map the structures of a file, simplify the handling of documents in the file, as well as offers extensions such as search or authorization-specific access and much more.

Your Benefits

Performance improvements

Easier and faster navigation through file structures thanks to eFile (electronic file).

Better overview

Through templates you can see in the forefront of activating, which document it is.


Based on the defined authorizations, employees can access to the “eFile” in SAP and view it – or not.


In the “eFile” for the personnel area, accesses are protocolled.

Add ons integration

With the the inPuncto product suite, all scanning, mass processing & archiving scenarios are available!

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Application examples

Digital personnel file for SAP-HCM

With the digital personnel file for SAP-HCM you realise an additional value for your system!

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Digital contract file

Digitalize your contract files comfortably and safe in SAP with our ECM software.

Explore the solution

Other eFiles

What is special about the “eFile for SAP” is its versatility in a wide variety of applications such as digital personnel file, customer file, supplier file, purchase, project, etc.…

Success Story

Electronic personnel file in SAP-HCM


Company: TÜV Nord

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Success Story

From digital file to the electronic recruiting in SAP

Company: Mann + Hummel GmbH

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