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We are currently evaluating and planning the implementation of new technologies that are especially optimised for mobile use and based on SAP Fiori (SAPUI5, HTML5) or SuccessFactors integration. For further information, please contact us.

Patient file – Resident file

Electronic patient file – access directly in SAP files of your patients or residents

How do you organize the patient- or resident-related documents, the correspondence or the investigations, in short, all paper documents together with the corresponding electronic information in one place? Thanks to our software solution for SAP, we offer you the possibility to allocate all patient- and resident-related documents to one electronic file (eFile).

You can easily scan patient or resident documents directly in the eFile and/or add them via drag & drop functionalities. Mails and the corresponding attachments by patients/residents are also integrated into the eFile with a single click. Simultaneously, our solution manages and versionizes living MS-Office documents, e.g. letters created in MS Word.

How does the electronic patient file work?

  • The electronic patient file is bounded at one place: In our example, the patient is set as starting point. You can define individually the starting point and the file structure. With the activation of the electronic personnel file, the structures and dependences, which are defined in SAP, are displayed according to the authorizations of the user.
  • Documents can be displayed directly in SAP incl. templates which simplify the navigation.
  • In the electronic patient file, MS Office documents can be integrated, like e.g. diverse letters to patients and/or their relatives. Thanks to the inPuncto Office integration biz²Office they can be processed and versionized if necessary. The software also synchronizes information of SAP (e.g. the address of the patient) with fields in the letter that are defined previously.
  • The Office integration also helps to allocate e-mails and their attachments into the electronic patient file with one click. Here, only the type of document and the desired electronic patient file has to be chosen.
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Manage your electronic patient file with
inPuncto ECM-Suite: your advantages

Manage your electronic patient file with inPuncto ECM-Suite: your advantages


Your advantages

  • Direct and decentral access to all patient- or resident-related information thanks to a comprehensive electronic personnel file.
  • Security, because only authorized user have access to the electronic patient file.
  • Reliable archiving so that no documents disappear without a trace.
  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly thanks to comprehensive universal functionalities as well as the exclusive display in the SAP-GUI.
  • Cost saving opposite the paper-based process: cost of filing, copy and transport of paper data are omitted, etc.


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