Scanner software for SAP

The scanner software for documents which enter SAP – There is no easier way

SAP scanner software for document capturingSAP is the leading system for company data and business processes. What could be more reasonable than allocating relevant paper or electronic documents simply and safely to corresponding SAP business objects?

With the inPuncto SAP scanner software or capturing software biz²Scanner you can realize central or decentral incoming mail scenarios in SAP. The scanner software links any document scanners to your SAP system. Thanks to this seamlessly scanner connection you can transfer documents to your system in only one step.

Different document receipt scenarios can be set up in SAP – this means: which business objects and document types should be used. By activating our SAP scanner software, this customizing will be retrieved and the target-oriented archiving of the paper document will instantly become available to you (e.g. directly out of “object services”).

You can determine in which format this process should be carried out (TIFF, PDF, PDF-A etc.) and if the archived document should be “text searchable”. The transfer of the scanned image is carried out in the SAP standard via HTTP(S).

The SAP scanner software also serves as a capture client of large invoice receipt and document processing scenarios. A central interface activates the scanner software via Windows and legitimates it for the SAP system. Various document receipt scenarios can be chosen – therefore different processes can be initiated in the invoice receipt document processor. The entire logic of this mass processing lies within the server (e.g. automated reading of invoices) so that the SAP scanner software stays slim and simple in its handling!

How does the scanner software for incoming documents in SAP work?

The inPuncto scanner software biz²Scanner (as capturing software) can be integrated differently. Find more examples in our PDF! You can download it here: SAP scanner software for incoming documents


Short overview of the SAP scanner integration for documents by inPuncto with the most important advantages for you:

Simplify your SAP scanning process with the biz²Scanner

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inPuncto SAP scanner software biz²Scanner

inPuncto SAP scanner software biz²Scanner


The benefits of the SAP scanner software biz²Scanner by inPuncto

  • Scanning and automatic linking to desired objects without any detours (ArchiveLink-connection).
  • The document type can be selected directly from customizing of the SAP system.
  • The scanner software is also compatible with simple document scanners.
  • Maximal protection of your documents thanks to the SAP login to initiate the process or to activate the scanner software integration.
  • Intuitive handling and easy to learn.
  • Affordable and scalable capturing software.
  • The scanner software is compatible with all SAP filing and archive systems.

Tested and certified!

GoBD certification

Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software

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