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The slim and extensive digital filing and archiving software

Certified archive software: audit-proof, favourable and slim!Digital archive for your data and documents with our SAP-certified archiving add-on:
the audit-proof and convenient SAP archiving!
Saving documents in the SAP database is not an elegant solution. For all modules we need the possibility to specifically file the documents- via SAP management – and to save them in the SAP digital archive.

We differentiate between “archive” and “file”

  • In the “archive”, unchangeable documents that are created e.g. via scan, via PDF etc. are archived. The requirements for a long-term archiving – in the sense of audit-security, compliance with statutory provisions – is emphasized in particular.
  • The “file” of documents is about documents that still have to be processed and changed or still have to be checked and released.

Our digital archive for SAP covers all filing- and archiving-forms, also the data archiving that leads to a validation and trimming of the database-entries through ADK.

In contrast to a content server, the inPuncto archive is a SAP digital archive within the law, which is also serving to a complete compression and encoding of data and documents. With the add-on-module of inPuncto for crypto- resp. encoding-techniques, even a normal hard disk becomes a worm-able medium.

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How does the digital archive for SAP by inPuncto work?

Here you can download a PDF file with detailed information about the digital archive for SAP, the so-called biz²Archiver: Certified SAP archive software

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inPuncto digital archive for SAP

inPuncto digital archive for SAP


The benefits of the digital archive with the SAP certified software by inPuncto

  • The digital archive is addressed through the standard interface “HTTP(S)” – that reaches a much better performance because the transfer of documents happens directly between the asking client and the archive and not via SAP application servers.
  • The archive completely uses the SAP logics like e.g. user management and authorizations. This way, the filing- and archiving-scenarios are defined.
  • Through optional crypto-technique, even hard disks become worm-able media.
  • The licence politics of our archive is independent of the number of users and documents: simply a great cost effectiveness.
  • No double care of users and authorizations.
  • No specific requirements for the infrastructure.

Tested and certified!

GoBD certification

Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software

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