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SAP MS Office integration for the electronic personnel files

Because many documents for the personnel file are being transferred digitally nowadays, we offer you an interface between MS Office and SAP with our add-on biz²Office. With it you can quickly and easily add digital documents, e.g. from outlook, to the personnel file or create personalized form letters from SAP in Word, or create form letter templates in a mass.

Outlook integration for SAP to create documents in the personnel file

With the Outlook integration of the Office-Synchronizers biz²Office you can transfer emails and attachments directly into the electronic personnel file and assign them to the relevant document kind. The relevant email will be deleted after a successful registration of the documents from Outlook, so that you don´t have to edit it twice.

Word integration: document creation in the personnel file

With our solution you can not only add MS Office documents to the electronic personnel file, but also vice versa: the data will be synchronized directly from SAP. This is possibly, because the Office Synchronizer works bidirectional. The created documents, like form letters, can then be save as „living“/editable Microsoft Word documents, or as non-editable PDF document.

How does the MS Office integration for the electronic personnel file work?

To create, e.g. a Microsoft Word template for SAP, you open biz²Office. After having determined the document kind, you´ll have the possibility to use different text marks, which you can add to the document and fill with data from SAP. This way, e.g. form letters can be created quickly and easily!

The biz²Office is integrated into the menu of Outlook, so that you can save emails from Outlook in SAP. There you have access to the relevant email. With the MS Office integration for the digital personnel file a direct connection to SAP is being established via biz²Office, so that the emails will be saved in the right personnel file and can be assigned according to the document kind.


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MS Office integration for the digital personnel file

MS Office integration for the digital personnel file


Your advantages:

  • With our MS Office integration personalized employee letters can be created and filled with data for your SAP system
  • Emails and attachments from Outlook can be saved directly in the relevant SAP personnel file (pdf, Word, Excel…),
  • Very easily and intuitive handling of the software biz²Office,
  • High flexibility – also usable for other SAP modules and document kinds.


MS-Office & E-Mail Integration biz²Office


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