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Optimization of the purchase processes in SAP-MM:

Your advantages through the usage of deeply integrated solutions by inPuncto

Optimize the order processing and therefore your entire purchase process in SAP-MM through an electronic workflow of your  purchase order release through an automated allocation and archiving of delivery notes and further proof documents at SAP receipts.

We from inPuncto see SAP as the leading system and integrate our solutions and products into your already existing SAP system. With our deeply integrated solutions we offer you the possibilty to specifically extend your system with defining additional functions: Design your purchase process faster, more transparent and more favourable with the inPuncto software for the process automation.


Optimize your purchase process – Inform yourself still today about our solutions for the automation of the order processing:

Electronic purchase order release in SAP

Scanning and automated archiving of delivery notes

Your benefits at a glance

Your purchase process gets better

  • Always on current status thanks to cockpit/monitor.
  • Clear competence regulations are comprehensible satisfied.
  • High transparency of the processes thanks to histories.
  • Audit-proof archiving.

Your purchase process gets faster

  • Acceleration of the approval process through an electronic workflow.
  • Reminder and absence management can be easily designed.
  • “Fast purchase” possible.
  • No effortful search of originals.

Your purchase process gets more favourable

  • Utilization of the existing release procedure.
  • The electronic workflow is based on the SAP workflow.
  • Barely initial training effort.
  • Usage of the same software components like at the invoice process.
  • Short and easy project lead time.


Here’s how you can benefit.

Short overview of the scanning and archiving of delivery notes through barcode archiving with the most important advantages for you:


  • Nlightweight
  • Ntested & certified
  • Neconomical

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