Automated SAP inbound email processing

Incoming mail for SAP incl. a barcode-module, an OCR, PDF & TIFF converter and a workflow start

Processing of incoming mail: for incoming documents & content in SAPFor many companies it is a challenge to process large amounts of documents and files, which means transferring scanned documents, files etc. specifically to SAP, to process them, to link them to the corresponding business objects and to archive them (PDF, TIFF etc.).

For the processing of documents, the automated identification of values (OCR) or rather the initiation of processes (workflows) we have developed the server-based application biz²ScanServer for the processing of documents and incoming mails. With this tool you can process entire paper batches or large amounts of electronic files (e.g. PDF invoices) also via OCR/ICR predictive text, completely automated as a digital incoming mail. The server that processes the digital incoming mail provides several input possibilities (e.g. for scans, files, e-mails, XMLs). This means that the incoming mail processor server by inPuncto is flexible and not fixated on one specific format.

The tasks of the incoming mail processor server include image editing, barcode reading, document separation as well as reading out of contents via OCR/ICR predictive text, an automated comparison and analysis of the master data, moving data in the background, the transfer of the data, the initiation of workflows, the transfer of the image for archiving as PDF, TIFF etc.

The incoming mail processing server also offers a module for the self-learning OCR/ICR predicitive text. This means that documents (e.g. incoming invoices, delivery notes, contract notes) that were not optimally identified by the OCR/ICR software are extracted from the process and transferred to a training environment. There, the OCR software gets “trained” so that the fields or values will be identified within the next validation. As a result, the identification rate is constantly increased and the process is optimized permanently.

Whithin the processing server biz²ScanServer is a converting module that processes documents in the digital incoming mail. For example: a TIF-format is converted into PDF, a PDF into TIF, a TIFF into a PDF-A or contrariwise, a PDF into PDF-A, also text-searchable etc. The format conversion is easy to set. Additionally, the connection of multi-functional units, which include features like “via scan to e-mail” or “via scan to file”, is realized.

You can define different processing procedures for the documents in incoming mails and in parallel activate them in the biz²ScanServer. This precisely means that a preselection of your receipts is not necessary. The identification and processing of the digital incoming mail is automatically made by reference to the input channel or specific barcodes. Therefore, you can perform “incoming invoices” in a batch (incl. OCR/ICR predictive text) on the one hand, while another batch of scanned documents cares for the process “Filling of the personnel file” in the HR field on the other.

The incoming mail processing server complements well with the capture scan client SAP scanner by inPuncto. The scan client connects any document scanners directly with the SAP system. Therefore, you can capture your documents with the scan client and take care of the respective processing procedures in the incoming mail processing server and in SAP in one central place.

How does the processing of the digital incoming mail work?

Here you can download a PDF file with detailed information about the incoming mail for SAP: Process the incoming mail with the document processor for the incoming mail for SAP


Short overview of the server for the processing of the incoming mail and processing of documents in SAP by inPuncto with the most important advantages for you:


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    Incoming mail processing server biz²ScanServer by inPuncto

    Incoming mail processing server biz²ScanServer by inPuncto


    The benefits of the incoming mail processing server biz²ScanServer by inPuncto

    • Acceleration of the process thanks to the automated processing of the incoming mail and other business-relevant documents (paper and electronic)
    • Server-based, central definition of different processes for the document and content processing (scans, e-mails, XMLs…)
    • The OCR predictive text extracts the values of documents and conducts an audit in the background; self-learning OCR identification is also possible.
    • Many additional features (full text extraction for the support of the ful text search, conversion in PDF (A), TIFF etc.)
    • The incoming mail processing server is virtual – no hardware investment is necessary.
    • Compatible with multi-functional units.
    • Minimal effort of care because the automated processing of incoming mail and content is enabled through a unique central customization.

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