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Application of deeply intregrated solutions for SAP-FI:

Automate your invoice process

Profit of defining acceleration and highest possible safety in your invoice receipt process and a solution that is perfectly coordinated to your daily business.

We offer you the perfect result between theory and practice thanks to many successful projects, actually with more than 1,100 customers and more than 150,000 users.

With our extensions for the incoming invoice process in SAP FI/MM we enable the targeted and early capture and filing of all incoming invoices and further relevant documents, independent of the input channel (paper and digital) – fully automated and directly in the SAP system. Like that, we guarantee short access times, complete transparency, targeted and central control of all invoice workflows and the audit-proof archiving – with full consideration of access privileges.

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Your benefits at a glance

Your invoice process gets faster

  • Via OCR/ICR mechanisms, values are automatically read out of the invoices and compared with SAP data.
  • Invoice workflows are initiated by the system agreeable to relevant invoice criteria. Invoices are sent via workflow to all involved in process (FI/CO experts, manager, employees without SAP, etc.), so that they can grant their authorizations.
  • Acceleration of circulation procedure of invoice editing from several weeks up to a few minutes.
  • Faster access to original documents or invoices and inclusion of management reports.
  • No complex search of original invoices.
  • Proxy arrangements and escalations are strictly regulated – no loss of time.

Your invoice process gets better

  • Standardized processes avoid faults and care for audit-proof and transparency of the invoice process.
  • Vast reduction of error-proneness thanks to reduction of unnecessary multiple entries, corrections etc.
  • Complete protocolling of all actions of processing: With our solution, certified by auditors, all legal requirements (GoBD) are satisfied. For every invoice workflow, one PDF protocol is automatically generated as history. This protocol is automatically related with the invoice and hangs at the booked receipt. Like that, transparency and audit-proof is increased.
  • Highly transparency and replicability of all invoice workflows: complete overview over all invoices (e.g. creditor invoices, invoices with order reference, allowances, etc.) and their conditions in current time.
  • Efficient coordination and distribution of tasks.
  • Analyses for management at the touch of a button: e.g. reports about time of payments and cash discounts, liquidity flow, etc.

Your invoice process gets more favourable

  • The automated editing of invoices leads to a reduction of process costs up to 50% through standardized processes and automations.
  • Invoices of all input channels and all formats can be processed with one solution: Mail, e-mail, EDI, etc.
  • All involved in process can be integrated fast and fluently in the invoice process. They comfortably can proof, comment, authorize, resend e-mails or web invoices via SAP GUI (Cockpit, Business Workplace) – whereby SAP stays the leading system and no additional costs rise for a further system.
  • Increase of cash discount received.
  • Compliance of date of payments of all invoices.
  • No default charges.
  • Low effort of instruction, intuitive user interface, competent support, personal contact to defined contact persons.


Here’s how you can benefit.

A brief overview about the optimization of purchase-to-pay by electronic invoice processing with the most important advantages for you:


  • Nlightweight
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  • Neconomical

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