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With our global customer and partner network, we help companies to make their DMS-based processes easier and more efficient.

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inPuncto – integrated Enterprise Content Management solutions (ECM) for SAP

We are your partner for innovative and optimally integrated solutions for the Enterprise Content Management of documents an workflows in SAP. With our well-engineered and efficient ECM products we as official SAP partner offer you a complete solution range for the automisation of document-based business processes from a single source: add-on products, product-near support, perfectly coordinated hardware and high support quality.

Increase the efficience of your business procedures with our SAP Enterprise Content Management solutions We deliver you deeplay SAP integrated ECM add-on solutions for the automisation of business processes, which reaches from the capture via the workflow through to the archiving of the data and documents. Connected with the resulted optimisation of the company-internal processes we increase the efficiency of your SAP system with our ECM products above average.

We offer you an integral, perfectly coordinated solution portfolio for the SAP Enterprise Content Management that is cross-modular and therefore favourable usable after only a short lead. You will find that in this form at no other vendor in this milieu.

The SAP™ partner inPuncto stands for a very good cost effectiveness and short product lead times thanks to intuitive operated products. Use the leading business logic of your SAP system in connection with the comfortable handling of our Enterprise Content Management solutions.

Profit from our Enterprise Content Management solutions and choose the SAP partner inPuncto!

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Certified by Creditreform
Tested and certified!


Our software was proved and certified in view of compliance requirements  and audit-security of the processes according to the institution of auditors PS 880 under actual criteria by Ebner Stolz.

Company Overview

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inPuncto in the years 2018 - today
2023 Creditreform awards inPuncto again the CrefoZert creditworthiness certificate
2022 inPuncto celebrates its 25th birthday!
2021 New generation of the inPuncto archiving software – the biz²ArchiveServer disposes of many new features, new DSGVO-compliant component “biz²ArchiveServer-ILM” and new SAP certificates for the integration with SAP S/4HANA.
(Approximately 1,100 customers, over 150,000 users in 19 countries)
2020 Extension of the inPuncto Server product portfolio with a new business model: The Business Cloud.
2019 Drag-and-drop functionality of inPuncto add-on in the archive link environment to enable the quickly and easily data exchange between SAP and MS Outlook (e-mails or individual e-mail attachments)!
2018 New generation of incoming mail & document processing biz²ScanServer with more flexible configuration and faster processing of incoming documents.
inPunctos biz²Archiver 3.1 receives SAP certification for integration with SAP S/4HANA®
inPuncto in the years 1997 - 2017
2017 inPuncto SAP add-ons are fully compatible with the latest SAP generation S/4HANA (cloud and on-premises). Customers approx. 700, over 100,000 users, in 17 countries.
2016 inPuncto joins the ZUGFeRD community and expands its product portfolio with the SAP add-on inbox processor biz²ScanServer for the processing of ZUGFeRD invoices
2015 Foundation of inPuncto Corp. San Francisco, over 500 customers with more than 80.000 users
2014 International projects (corportate customers: around 300, around 70.000 users in 16 countries), CrefoZert once again
2012 Development of biz²CryptoServer (corporate customers: around 200, 8 countries) CrefoZert, relocation from Walldorf to Heidelberg
2008 Separation of CAD-area in the course of relocation to Esslingen (corporate customers: 120)
2006 ECM-Suite for SAP
2004 Development of biz²Explorer and biz²DocumentControl (once biz²Validator: additional tool for SAP workflow)
2003 Development of biz²ScanServer (inbox processing server) and biz²ExportServer
2001 Branch Walldorf development of biz²Scanner (scanner software for SAP) and biz²OfficeSynchronizer (MS Office-Integration)
2000 inPuncto becomes a partner of SAP and Microsoft
1999 Development of biz²Archiver (archive software) and biz²Viewer (viewer)
1997 Foundation of inPuncto GmbH

Sustainable Commitment

Climate-friendly Measures

inPuncto supports climate-friendly measures and implements various reforms within the company that align with the goals of green and digital transformation.
Next Generation ENPart of these measures, especially within the framework of the climate-friendly mobility program, has been financed with the assistance of the German Recovery and Resilience Plan (DARP) and EU funding.