Invoice audit of different document types

Automate your invoice processing, including invoice audit in SAP – no matter if they are typical incoming invoices (supplier or creditor invoices) or special cases. Besides, a variety of document types is supported!

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Automated invoice processing &invoice audit of any document types in SAP


During the process of invoice processing and invoice audit there can be different requirements according to invoice type. Therefore it is necessary to be able to manage various document invoice types in SAP-FI in order to preferably perform an automated invoice audit in SAP. This flexibility is a unique feature of our inPuncto software.

For the process of the automated invoice processing and invoice audit, incoming invoices of different document types are first scanned in batch (e.g. with/without order reference, credit note, asset posting etc.)

After the OCR/ICR processing, a document type is suggested through the read-out invoice context – the corresponding booking transaction is eventually determined by that.

In addition to the system-technical invoice audit in SAP as well as the incoming goods inspection. Moreover, the master and moving data analysis is also being performed.

Various dependences affect the invoice process or invoice workflow:

  • Document type (typical creditor invoice without an order reference, incoming invoice with order reference, credit item, deposit invoice, deposit requirement, asset posting, inventory account booking etc.)
  • Favoured transaction of your company,
  • Accounting area,
  • Invoice parameter (e.g. invoice amount),
  • Signature regulations for invoice audit and release,
  • Authorizations, etc.

These factors are relevant for the invoice processing and therefore the necessary signature regulation is also precisely addressed.

Examples of invoice workflows for the electronic invoice audit:

  • If an invoice item is too high for a “releaser”, the person with the next highest financial competence is integrated into the process according to the “Two-Man Rule”.
  • Invoices with an order reference are handled in two booking areas in two completely different ways.
  • Invoices are preassigned by the accounting department and then further processed in the workflow. For instance, they can be verified or release by the responsible person – or the other way round!

According to the process definition, a specific SAP workflow is started in order to perform an electronic audit of every invoice. Process participants can be integrated in the invoice processing via SAP GUI (cockpit, business workplace), e-mail or web app. Accordingly, they can check, comment, approve or return invoices.

Your benefits with the inPuncto solution

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  • Efficient
  • On the base of plain process rules in SAP you automate the audit of invoices of any document type.
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  • Compliant
  • Gapless protocolling of the audit of invoices: With our solution, which is certified by auditors, all statutory provisions are satisfied (GoBD).
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  • Controlled
  • Processes are inititated system-sided according to relevant invoice criteria. Values that are read out through OCR/ICR-technology are already compared with SAP.
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  • Convenient
  • Automated approval process of the audit of invoices: Invoices are sent automatically via workflow to all participants in process (FI/CO experts, manager, employees without SAP etc.), so that they can grant their approvals.
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  • Costs reducing
  • Reduction of process costs up to 50%.
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Application examples

for the automated processing and releasing of different document types.


Invoices without reference to the order, credit items of creditors, invoices with reference to the order.

"Parked documents"

Handling of invoices for “parked documents” in SAP, deposit invoices, deposit reuiqrements


Asset postings, inventory account bookings, etc.

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Automated invoice processing in SAP

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