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Complete SAP integration with our solutions for document management or ECM

We from inPuncto consider SAP the leading document management system (dms) for your company and therefore we rely on deep integration with all our software solutions.

ECM stands for “Enterprise Content Management” and describes products and solutions that make it easier to deal with documents or rather contents of documents and automate your document based business processes and therefore the whole process management.

With our ECM-Suite we generate an added value to the SAP system. Our add-on products and solutions can be pasted seamlessly and guarantee a complete SAP integration. That means that you do not have to invest in a “third system” if you want to automate the document management. With our slim and practice-oriented ECM-Suite we offer you the possibility to purposefully extend your existing system with essential additional functions.

SAP integrated ECM solutions for document management and process automation

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The advantages of inPuncto integrated ECM solutions for document management

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Your advantages with inPuncto ECM solutions

Your advantages with inPuncto ECM solutions


Short lead times

  • Longstanding practically tested standard products.
  • Standardized project procedures with customer specific initiations and extensions.
  • Minimized need of training for the SAP document management.
  • High acceptance of your employees thanks to intuitive operated user interfaces.

Tested and certified!


Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software


Flexible solutions - perfectly fitted into your business processes

  • Combination of longstanding experience values in the SAP document management and in the software development with focus on automation of document-based business processes.
  • Products and solutions that already possess wide standard functions.
  • In addition to wide standard functions there are many possibilities for flexible extensions.
  • According to specific wishes for document management we adapt our standard products to your needs to automate the business processes optimally and to ease your process management.

Outstanding cost effectiveness

  • No additional investments in specific hardware or infrastructures necessary.
  • Transparent and moderate licence politics.
  • The process participans are seamlessly and quickly integrated in workflows.

ECM solutions with deep SAP integration from inPuncto

ECM solutions with deep SAP integration from inPuncto