Long-term archiving of data & documents in SAP

Long-term archiving of data & documents in your system environment for SAP

Even if “cloud computing” is intensively discussed at the moment, “business-relevant” or “sensitive” data and documents are often managed conventionally concerning the topic SAP archiving.

You are possessing an already implemented infrastructure resp. you are cooperating with a hosting partner or provider in this field?

Important for you: Your existing infrastructure can be used for the realisation of the inPuncto solution. The inPuncto software for SAP™ is server-sided completely virtualizable. That means that an additional virtual machine for the archiving of sensitive data is used for the realisation of an archive server.

Related to the long-term archiving, the physical storing of this sensitive data can happen on your available media (worm, worm-able, SAN, NAS, jukeboxes, etc.). If you do not have any optical media, we would like to point to our online shop for hardware. We offer the complete solution portfolio for a safe long-term archiving from a single source: software plus optimally coordinated hardware.

Another advantage of the inPuncto software is that the entire management level of the data resp. documents is located in SAP. Our archive solution has no separate user or rights management because this all is already solved in SAP and you have already paid for that.

Because we do not work with proprietary formats or protocols but with SAP standard (RFCs, SAP-HTTP(S)), any formats can be filed in the archive. The entire document flow from the archive to the client is not carried out on the SAP application server but happens via SAP-HTTP(S) directly between archive and client.

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    Our solution for the long-term archiving of sensitive data for SAP is certainly SAP-certified

    It acts like a SAP content server – but with more archive features, performance and security:

    • Thanks to simple recovery from the existing media, the whole archive for SAP can be completely recovered from seucrity media.
    • By usage of crypto-technology, your sensitive data and documents are highly safe towards the access on the level of infrastructure! (The SAP content server for example possesses only a pure compression mechanism).
    • Replication-Caches are no problem because customers are using this mechanism to work daily for example with “fast” hard disks – the replication server provides for example jukeboxes ar BlueRay drives.
    • On the basis of standard mechanisms of SAP, the implementation of the inPuncto archive can be carried out very easily because the design of the solution permits you a repository of up to 100 million documents – this number is comparable with well-known archives of third-party manufactures.
    • No redundant functions & no unnecessary addidtional investments: Because our solution sees SAP as “leading system”. In opposition to the often mentioned document management system of our competing companies with redundant functions to SAP (like user management, rights/roles, workflows etc.), the software by inPuncto integrates itself seamlessly into your SAP system.
    • The solution for long-term archiving by inPuncto was certified by independent auditors.

    How does the audit-proof long-term archiving for SAP data and documents work?

    In a simple example, which is available for you as PDF to download, the process is exemplary illustrated: long-term storage for SAP data and documents

    The Necessity of the long-term archiving: examples of application and advantages

    The Necessity of the long-term archiving: examples of application and advantages


    Your advantages of the long-term archiving with inPuncto ECM-software:

    • Slim solution that optimally takes advantage of your exisiting IT infrastructure.
    • Cost saving thanks to virtualizable servers.
    • No additional costs for management functions (user, rights, logic -> everything already in SAP)
    • Decentral access: Several employees – also worldwide – can parallely activate and view archived documents.
    • Shorter search and response times because of the usage of the already known search and view mechanisms in SAP (less training periods of the employees; less inhibition level).
    • Fast backup & recovery for the administrator, who can reconstruct the entire intern database from the wrote media in case of emergency.
    • Maximal protection of the documents because no access can be initiated outside the SAP system. Only authorized SAP user have access. Infrastructure accesses (e.g. hardware admins) are made unreadable via crypto-technology.
    • Audit-proof: according to the entire system of processes, organisation, rights and technologies.

    Tested and certified!

    GoBD certification

    Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software



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    Further solutions for SAP archiving of data and documents