Archiving in cloud environments

With archives in cloud environments, we offer you enormous cost and time savings.

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SAP data and documents in the cloud

The effortful management of infrastrucutre components like storage, jukeboxes, SAN and NAS systems can be reduced by the usage of cloud environments.

Hereby, activities like the creation of backups and the care and management of the storage media are omitted – in addition to the investement in such components. As a result, archives in cloud environments offer companies enormous cost and time savings.

With inPuncto you design an optimal system architecture for the cloud:

  • The SAP system is managed by you or your provider.
  • You work with SAP data and documents with the inPuncto SAP archive biz²ArchiveServer in cache-modus.
  • You profite of quick access times via inPuncto cache mechanisms.
  • The SAP data and documents are transfered via HTTP(S) from the inPuncto archive to the cloud storage (proper filing and archiving).
  • If a document may not be available in the cache, a targeted reload is carried out from the cloud.
  • By the usage of crypto-technology, the data and documents are filed highly safe encoded.

In connection with the crypto-technology by inPuncto, cloud storages can also be made secure towards accesses of administrators of the cloud.

The data resp. documents are filed encoded and fragmented in the cloud. A decoding of the AES-encoding is only possible with the corresponding code. This key is assigned by you during the first implementation of the inPuncto crypto server.

How does the archiving of your data and doucments in a cloud with the aid of our inPuncto software work?

The cloud-archiving completely replaces physical storage media. The advantage is that all deposit- & archiving-scenarios are furthermore configurated out of SAP. Therefore only the storage area and the access are to define in the cloud.

The user locally works in the fast LAN environment via inPuncto cache mechanisms. Permanent deposit and archiving happens in the cloud. For the transfer of data and documents, standard protocols are used. The connection to the cloud can also be carried out safely through corresponding protection activities.

Your Benefits with the solution by inPuncto

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  • Maximal security because no access can be initiated outside of SAP.
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  • Effort for the backup of the productive data is omitted.
  • Effort for the care and management of the storage media is omitted.
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  • Decentral access and also performant access via intelligent system architecture (locally: biz²ArchiveServer cache, cloud: pure physical storage and archiving).
  • Access independent of SAP release.
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  • All modules in SAP like such as logistics, accountancy, personnel DVS etc.
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