Batch scanning with SAP OCR solution

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Batch scanning & batch processing of documents in SAP (OCR, PDF, TIFF)


There is still a multitude of paper documents in companies, institutions and organizations- some in central archives, some in decentralized filing locations – or even in the employees’ cabinet. But in the daily work there are also batches of documents that have to be scanned and processed (e.g. barcode separation, ArchiveLink relation, OCR incl. readout of values). If necessary workflows have to be started and documents have to be archived.

The aim is to specifically and comfortably capture paper documents and electronic documents and data automatically resp. reading them out, separating them and transfering them to the SAP system – optionally with free-form-predictive text via OCR scan software and workflows for the validation and release.

For this purpose we have developed the server-sided application for the processing of incoming mail and processing of documents biz²ScanServer, which reads out incoming documents context-specifically, separates and processes them, transfers them to SAP processes, allocates them to business objects and archives them in the archive (e.g. inPuncto SAP Archiv biz²ArchiveServer).

With the server for the processing of documents of the incoming mail the whole incoming of documents (paper and digital) is captured and can therefore easily and efficiently be transfered to the SAP system. The server also can perform an automated OCR.

The document processing server for the incoming mail possesses various input channels, e.g. scans, files and e-mails and therefore admits many types of formats (PDF, TIFF, XML etc.). For the automated document processing, the documents arrive in form of paper or digital and are separated according to their type, allocated in the archive and linked to the corresponding object. The conversion into a PDF (A), TIFF etc. is also made by the document processing. You do not have to presort your documents because the various documents, e.g. incoming invoicesdelivery notes, contract notes, personnel documents can automatically be separated and processed context-specifically.

According to requirements, values are read out through free-form predictive text via OCR scan software. They are compared with master data, type-specific workflows are started and responsible employees are notified.

How does the large scanning incl. the processing of documents work?

In a simple example, which is available for you as PDF to download, the process is exemplary illustrated: Scanning and processing of documents

Your benefits with the inPuncto solution

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Via a central server-sided application, various incoming mail scenarios with scanning, processing and transfer of business relevant data and documents to your SAP processes are realised.


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Free-form predictive text via OCR scan software if required.


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Short lead times, comprehensive usability, flexible possibilities.

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30 minutes to optimize your SAP system!

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Application examples

for the scanning and processing of large documents


Scan and process invoice-relevant documents (incoming invoices, credit item etc.), capture and allocation of supplier or customer correspondence, allocation of paper invoices to EDI-accountings, capture and allocation of treatments, supply agreements, payment plans etc.


Logistic and Production

Matching of invoices with orders, management and capture of customer orders, capture and allocation of delivery notes, allocation of quality protocols, batch documentation etc.

Human Resource Management

Scanning and processing of personnel relevant documents, archiving of personnel files, applicant documents, imaging and visualisation of applicant files, capture and allocation of travel documents etc.


Energy supplier (readout, booking of meter cards or counter cards etc.), Engineering: Transfer drawing archive -> digital archive etc.

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Scan & process documents in batch

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 Documents in SAP

Success Story

Digital document capture using the SAP scanner integration


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