Hospital of Itzehoe (Klinikum Itzehoe)

Introduction of electronic invoice processing for invoices with reference to the order and without reference to the order

Itzehoe Company size: approx. 2, 000 employees

Branch: healthcare

Country: Germany (Itzehoe)

Challenge: Complete conversion to email invoices (invoices as a PDF attachment), automation of invoice audit and invoice release.

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²Archiver, biz²DocumentControl, biz²Scanner, biz²ScanServer, biz²Explorer

Concerning departments: accounting, purchase

Project description: The hospital of Itzehoe decided to supplement the existing SAP system with inPuncto add-on software in order to reduce paper invoices by converting the invoice receipts to email PDF invoices and to automate invoice processing. Due to the central invoice receipt with the mail processor biz²ScanServer and from keeping an invoice receipt ledger, the processing status of the invoices with reference to the order and without reference to the order is traceable at all times. Further points were the minimization of the order post-processing by optimal settings of the tolerance limits and the automatic payment run.

Usage: Reduction of paper invoices and thereby reduction of paper archives, complete overview of all invoices and their current status in real time, efficiency increase by standardized procedures.

Company description: The hospital of Itzehoe was founded in 1837 by a citizens’ initiative as Julienstift and was the first public hospital in Itzehoe. In 1897 the Julienstift was taken over by the town of Itzehoe and in 1973 the laying of the foundation stone for today’s hospital took place. Today, the hospital of Itzehoe is one of the largest hospitals in Schleswig-Holstein and belongs to the 6K-Krankenhausverbund. It is also a teaching hospital of the Universities of Kiel, Lübeck and Hamburg. Provider of the hospital is the Zweckverband des Kreises Steinburg und der Stadt Itzehoe. In addition to ten clinics, several centers are also part of the hospital.

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