Electronic invoices

Electronic invoices: workflow of email invoices (PDF)

Electronic invoices arriving via mail, e.g. as PDF, but also EDI-invoices are directly fed into the SAP-system using inPuncto’s inbox processing server biz²ScanServer.

The inPuncto inbox processing server captures and processes different invoicing formats such as:

  • PDF / TIF format via email or scan from paper,
  • XRechnung 1.2 (XML file): UBL syntax and UN/CEFACT syntax (syntax identical to ZUGFeRD 2.0)
  • ZUGFeRD invoices (PDF file with XML attachment): Format 1.0 or 2.0,
  • EDIFACT invoices,
  • SAP IDoc invoices,
  • Other country-specific invoice formats, such as.
    • SIX Paynet, PostFinance (Switzerland)
    • ebInterface (Austria)
    • Chorus Pro (France)
    • Facturae (Spain)
    • FatturaPA.xml (Italy)
    • Finvoice (Finland)

The inPuncto server processes firstly the electronic invoices (also with OCR- Application) and afterwards starts workflow in SAP for each invoice.

The electronic invoices can reach the inbox processing server biz²ScanServer via different input channels:

Filing email invoices into a defined directory with drag and drop:

One possibility is to move the electronic invoices attached to the email (e.g. in PDF format) into a directory using drag and drop. The directory can be established as a link on your desktop. The inbox-processing-server automatically checks the directory for emails that are to be processed. If such are detected, the server accesses the respective files and starts processing the email-invoices: extraction of relevant invoice data via OCR, alignment with SAP-data, transfer of invoices into the archive and initiation of subsequent workflows in SAP.

The processing is the same as for paper invoices, with the exception that the barcode is produced by the system.

The SAP invoice cockpit shows that a barcode has been defined for each invoice-workflow inside the system. From there, the invoice can be further worked on with one click: auditing, account assignment if necessary, approval, booking.

Afterwards, the original invoice and the invoice workflow protocol are attached to the posted invoice (using standard ArchiveLink).

The advantage of this procedure: Full control over the processing of electronic invoices arriving via email.

Forwarding electronic invoices to the inbox-processing-server:

The invoices arrive via email. Emails normally contain a text and an attachment (the attached invoice, e.g. as PDF). The recipient can directly forward the respective email with the attached electronic invoice to inbox processing server biz²ScanServer.

However, rules can also be created using Outlook, to predefine where emails from a particular sender will be forwarded to, or the email-address of the processing-server can be passed on directly to reliable suppliers.

inPuncto’s server provides different input channels, among others an SMTP-input, which means one can address it externally using an email-mechanism. From there on, the processing of the electronic invoice starts. The process is the same as described above.

From 68’s version on, the email can be also filed (in EML-format), so that information from the email is archived, too.


Video Tutorial: email invoices workflow (PDF) with the most important advantages for you:

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