Invoice receipt ledger – Cockpit

SAP invoice receipt ledger cockpit for transparency and control of your finance processes

Companies get a high number of incoming invoices centrally or decentralized, so that the overview resp. the control of a central, virtual invoice receipt ledger (invoice monitor) in the SAP-ERP system is quickly lost.

Through the inPuncto solution “invoice receipt ledger with SAP cockpit functions” you can have a complete transparency of your incoming invoices and their states. With that you have a variety of possibilities to intervene and analyse directly in your ERP system!

As a responsible participant in invoice processes (e.g. accountant, purchaser, manager etc.) you need a quick and simple overview of your invoice processes. Thanks to the central invoice ledger with cockpit functions it is enabled.

You can use your SAP invoice ledger cockpit in a complete way resp. unfiltered or in a specific perspective (favorites: chosen filters e.g. all invoices of the project “XY”). The higher the transparency of your invoices in the invoice receipt ledger (invoice monitor), the faster you can react to individual processes.

  • Determining cash discounts, priorizing invoices, dealing with short-term illnesses,
  • Controlling reminders and reviews,
  • etc.

Thanks to our solution “invoice ledger with SAP cockpit for invoices” you can visualize and manage the complete invoice receipt ledger (complete, filtered). Save your “special views” (filter settings) as favorites.

Especially useful are the following analyses like:

  • Status of the invoice, responsible member of staff,
  • Determination of maturities and cash discounts,
  • Optional lead time analysis, etc.


Here, you can learn more about the invoices receipt ledger with cockpit functionalities in SAP:

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How does the invoice receipt ledger SAP cockpit work?

1. The invoice receipt ledger resp. cockpit for invoices by inPuncto is started through a transaction. With one click, all invoices that are in any workflow (new, in work “validated/assigned/commented/…”, finished, “released/rejected”, booked) are visualized.

2. You can research invoices under various search criteria.

3. You can define any “filters” and save them as favorites.

4. The cockpit for invoices has direct links to “deeper” information/transactions in SAP (Drill-Down). If for example an order number is clicked on, you arrive at the applied order.

5. If for example urgent invoices have to be released because of an ad hoc absence, they can simply be allocated to a new employee.

6. Participants in process can be reminded via e-mail directly from the cockpit.

7. There is the possibilty to go into the processing of invoices “in the background” (no changes are possible in this mode) to get an idea of the current status of the processing.

8. Directly in the cockpit you can process resp. check and release invoices.

9. With the invoice receipt ledger you can also display the FI receipts on booked invoices with one click, etc.

In a simple example, which is available for you as PDF to download, the process is exemplary illustrated: invoice ledger with SAP cockpit for invoices

Invoice receipt ledger SAP cockpit

Invoice receipt ledger SAP cockpit


Examples of application for the invoice receipt ledger SAP cockpit

  • Invoice cockpit: Invoice ledger incl. functions for monitoring and cockpit for invoices, analysis reports for maturities and cash discounts etc.
  • Order cockpit: Overview and monitoring in the SAP cockpit for purchase orders incl. release of order via workflow, approval of the order and activating following actions (e.g. print/archive order, distribution of documents, transfer to supplier).
  • Contract note cockpit: Control of contract notes and orders, transparency for the comparison between contract note and order, introduction of correction measures, overview/monitoring in the SAP cockpit for contract notes, transparency/receipt of the contract note if necessary activation of following processes e.g. contract note reminder, etc.

Your advantages regarding transparency and control through invoice receipt ledger with cockpit:

  • Shorter reaction times thanks to management of priorities, reminder, escalations, analysis with one click.
  • Highest transparency and auditability of all invoice workflows.
  • Efficient coordination and task distribution.
  • Increase of profit through cash discounts.
  • Reduction of process costs.

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