Automated invoice receipt

Increase the quality of your “parked documents” through automated capture of invoices with the inPuncto software for the invoice receipt incl. OCR value capture!

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SAP parked document approval workflow


Many organisations work with “parked documents” in SAP because of history. Through the manual capture resp. corrections at the receipts, like for example changes at the document type, a high effort for consultants comes up (e.g. stop, annulation, new system…) without an automated invoice receipt.

With the inPuncto incoming mail software you can automate your invoice receipt incl. automated capture of invoicesn in SAP™ and therefore increase the quality of your “parked documents”. Instead of capture, booking in and correcting the invoice receipt manually like usually, it is made automatically through predictive text via OCR/ICR-technology, the comparison of master data in the background, the validation and the “filling” of the corresponding transactions.

With the securing through corresponding automatics in the forefront, the invoice receipt is optimally automated. With the aid of the inPuncto invoice receipt software, data is read out automatically via OCR/ICR-technology in the background and is compared with the master data. Critical points are completed in only one validation task. Within the automated capture of incoives, the invoice can be transfered via workflow if necessary, also in this state, to the following processor. If the necessary quality and security according to the invoice is reached, the data is transfered according to its document type to the corresponding transaction for “parked documents” with one click.

Your benefits with the inPuncto solution

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Enormous reduction of the error-proneness thanks to reduction of effortful multiple inputs, corrections etc.


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Automisation of the incoming of invoices through values that are determined through OCR/ICR and that are prevalidated in the background. These values serve as input for the corresponding transactions – reduction of the manual input.

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Reduction of process costs through acceleration of the invoice receipt workflow with simultaneous increase of quality.

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Application examples

for the automated invoice receipt & the invoice capture

All common invoices

Invoices with reference to the order, invoices without reference to the order, credit items.


Vendor invoices

Deposit invoices, deposit requirements.

Other documents

Asset postings, inventory account bookings, etc.

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Automated invoice receip

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Complement your SAP system specifically with the products of the ECM-Suite by inPuncto to have more convenience and security through additional functions on the way to digitizing your document-related processes. Flexibly expandable and usable in various combinations, your document-based processes can be digitized comprehensly and profitably.

Invoice receipt

With the invoice ledger incl. cockpit you gain more transparency and control over all invoice workflows.

Rechnungsprüfung von verschiedenen Belegarten

Automate the invoice audit processes of different document types on the basis of plain process rules in SAP.

Freigabe-Workflow-Bestellungen in SAP mit inPuncto

Automate your invoice processing in SAP – and thereby optimize your purchase-to-pay processess! 

Rechnungen in SAP verarbeiten

Process e-invoices of different invoice formats, such as ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, SIX Paynet, FatturaPa etc. easily & conveniently!

Elektronischer Rechnungseingang in SAP-Belegen

Reduce the process costs of the invoice receipt workflows with simultaneous increasing of the quality.

Eingangsrechnungen scannen und archivieren mit Barcode

Scan and archive your incoming invoices automatically at the booked SAP invoice receipts for more convenience.

Freigabe-Workflow-Bestellungen in SAP mit inPuncto

Optimize the purchasing processes in SAP: accelerate the approval process for purchase orders using the release workflow.

Zuordnung & Archivierung von Lieferscheinen in SAP

Allocate your delivery notes automatically and comfortably to the corresponding objects. We also offer you an audit-proof archiving!

Bearbeitung von Zählerkarten, Urlaubsanträge, Auftragsbestätigungen, Protokollen etc. in SAP.

inPuncto automates company-specific and document-based processes in SAP. Contact us – We are gladly available for you!

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