Purchase orders approval workflow

Efficient purchase processes due to electronic purchase order approval in SAP

Is there a signature regulation in your company, which contains the financial competence apart from the factual and object-concerning competences?

During the audit or release of incoming invoicesthis regulation is taken into account and applied. In many companies and organizations, this logic is also applicable to the audit and approval processes of other receipts. For instance, for the order processing in SAP, as well as for outgoing orders, and further order receipts .

The advantage of inPuncto add-ons is that one can establish an efficient release procedure for the SAP order processing, therefore for outgoing purchase orders and further receipts, using the same software components that are required for the invoice processing.

Example: If a purchase order receipt fulfills certain criteria (e.g. its complete value is over 5.000 €), it should be controlled and approved through a defined order release procedure in SAP.

With our software solution, a purchase approval process can be visualized through an electronic release workflow. The electronic order release workflow can also be applied for further purchase receipts like enquiries, contracts, delivery schedules, service capture sheets etc.

Streamline your order processing in SAP and make it faster, more transparent and more convenient through the electronic release workflow with the inPuncto software.

How does the electronic purchase order approval in SAP work?

Here you will find a description of the electronic purchase order approval workflow as PDF: Purchase orders in SAP – Release workflow


Release Workflow of purchase orders in SAP with the most important advantages for you:


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    Purchase orders approval workflow: Application examples and advantages

    Release workflow of purchase orders: examples of application and advantages


    Examples of application for release workflow of purchase orders:

    • Purchase receipts in the materials management,
    • enquiry,
    • contract,
    • delivery schedule,
    • service capture sheet,
    • all current orders.

    Your advantages regarding the electronic release of purchase orders in SAP:

    • Acceleration of the approval process of purchase receipts in SAP.
    • No effortful search of originals.
    • Plain competence regulations are comprehensible satisfied.
    • High transparency of the processes thanks to histories and cockpit functions. Always current, reminder, escalation scenarios possible.
    • Utilisation of the existing release procedure thanks to the usage of the same software components like at the invoice process.

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