Business Process Management with inPuncto solutionsBusiness Process Management with inPuncto solutions

New opportunities through digitalization

Invoices, personnel files and delivery notes – paper-based processes are quite inconvenient, consume lots of time and aren´t environmental friendly. Additionally, the amount of collected data is growing constantly. To give your business process management structure, swiftness and efficiency and to be able to process the amount and complexity of data, you can´t avoid the changing process of the digital transformation.

Automation of document-based business processes in SAP

In the digital era such business processes are being automated, so that information can be easier accessible for a multitude of users and thus, following processes can be more efficient. We from inPuncto offer ideal solutions for your business procedures to optimize your business internal processes and to digitally store and process your data safely. With our efficient products and as an official SAP partner, we offer a complete range of solutions for the automation of document-based business processes: add-on products, qualified advice, perfectly coordinated hardware and high support quality.

We offer solutions for:

Our innovative and optimally integrated solutions for the enterprise content management of documents and workflows and SAP offer different usage possibilities. They can be implemented in different areas and also offer automated processing of industry-specific documents.

inPuncto solutions offer advantages for:

Our integral, perfectly matched solution portfolio for the SAP enterprise content management only needs a short introduction and is usable for multiple modules. You won´t find a better offer in this area!

We can help you to increase the efficiency of your business process management with our intuitively operated and comfortable products.

We´d love to organize an individual webinar for you and advise you personally.