Advantages for the management

Application of deeply integrated SAP DMS solutions by inPuncto: Advantages for the management

Business processes are mostly based on documents. This makes an efficient and centralized document management necessary, to save resources and to enable big economizations. We from inPuncto see SAP as leading system in DMS or document management system with much potential for further automations and simplifications.

That’s why we offer the possibility to add targeted and defining additional functions to your system with our slim and practice-orientated solutions. Make all your business processes faster, safer and more cost efficient – with add-on products for SAP DMS (also known as ECM: Enterprise Content Management).


Short video for an overview of our SAP solutions for your document management with the most important advantages for you:


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Your advantages by the usage of inPuncto SAP-DMS solutions and products

Your advantages by the usage of inPuncto SAP-DMS solutions and products


Minimized process costs by targeted automation:

Many processes in daily work with documents are unnecessarily complex if done manually. The scanning, matching, archiving and editing of incoming documents is vastly time intensive and often fault-prone.

The inPuncto SAP DMS solutions extend your system with additional functions of automation for all document-based processes. That makes a defining acceleration, reduction of faults and transparency by reduced effort possible.

Complete protocolling: With our solutions, certificated by auditors, all legal standards are satisfied.


Fast ROI – really good relationship between price and performance, short introduction times of project, easy handling:

Our SAP DMS solutions are slim, modular and flexible extendable. You can be sure that you only purchase, what makes sense for your company. A transparent and moderate license politic cares for the fluently application and low costs of purchase.

You will automate your document-based processes favorable, fast and with a high quality. As a result of many successful projects you will profit of proof and preconfigured solutions, workflow templates and a standardized project strategy when having customer specific extensions. We offer an optimal result of theory and practice.

Thanks to many successful projects (actually with more than 500 customers) new helpful customer-neutral functions are continuously flowing into our software solutions.


Complete solution portfolio:

We offer the complete range of solutions for the automation of document-based processes: Add-on solutions and products, product near support, perfectly coordinated hardware and a high quality of support.

Additional to the range of software we offer certified hardware through an affiliated company for scanning, printing and archiving that are optimally coordinated with the software solutions by inPuncto. Here the link to our Online Shop for Hardware.


Security of investment – added value for your existing system:

Usage of existing licenses: You have already invested in a complex SAP system? With our completely integrated solutions and products you will enrich your system only with additional functions that you need. The purchase of a third system for document management is getting unnecessary. You are using optimally, in what you have already invested.


Application of synergy effects:

Every inPuncto add-on product is modular comprehensive, usable for several fields of application and together with other products applicable for several solutions (e.g. our document processing server can automatically capture documents like purchase invoices, delivery notes and contract notes etc., extract data and transfer content to any SAP application or initiate workflows in SAP). If required you can build on existing solutions and profit from benefit for other fields with comparative low additional costs.


High Quality of service “Located in Germany” and Customer intimacy:

Good accessibility, personal contact with defined contact persons.

Resolution-oriented, fast, and pragmatic action.

Communication and on eye level.

Tested and certified!

Compliance and audit-security with inPuncto ECM software

Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software


We are looking forward to a really good relationship to our customers through mutual respect and common success!

Optimize your document-based processes – Inform yourself still today about our solutions and products»