SAP workflow implementation for the automated invoice processing for the company EDG

EDG DortmundOur SAP add-ons provide a quick receipt recognition and release of email PDF & paper receipts

For the project “electronic invoice processing in SAP with OCR invoice recognition and document release processes workflow “, we implemented scanner software biz²Scanner, the incoming mail processor biz²ScanServer, the workflow tool biz²DocumentControl as well as an OCR training station into the already existing SAP system of EDG.

Automated invoice processing with intelligent OCR recognition

The daily incoming paper and email invoices with PDFs and many other attachments can now being scanned and captured quickly. Thanks to the automated invoice processing with intelligent OCR recognition, the company does not only save lots of time, but also avoids errors, which are unavoidable when editing invoice manually. Another advantage is the possibility of including all reviewers into the SAP workflow for invoice processing.

When comparing all the different providers of SAP add-on software, Project manager Bernd Engelhardt (director for organization and information technology) chose our solution. We could convince him with our price/performance ratio, and by meeting his requirements.

The project has been implemented in 2014. Through an agile approach, the conception phase was an integrated part of the realisation.

For the processing of approx. 200 invoices per day including attachments, a page with a certain barcode is being placed between the relevant invoice pages and the attachments. The OCR recognition quote of the electronic invoice processing is now over 90%.

Electronic processing of invoices of any document types

With our solution for automated invoice processing (email and paper) of any document types in SAP the company EDG can now edit invoices (paper and electronic) electronically: classic FI invoices with an order reference, invoices with an order reference and many invoice positions, as well as invoice receipts. The entering format can be PDF as well as TIFF, the archiving format is PDF.
Now approximately 45 000 invoices can be processed per year via an intelligent OCR text recognition, and the users get along very well with the software.

The company EDG Entsorgung Dortmund GmbH was founded in 1991 as a result of the transformation of the city cleansing department into a company under private law. The company is based in Dortmund, and ensures, that waste in and around Dortmund is being disposed and/or reprocessed correctly.

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