Workflow management tool for SAP with new features

Workflow Tool for document realasing with new features nowAfter the update of the workflow tool, the processes of document validation & document release are even more efficient now

With the workflow management tool biz²DocumentControl, you can initiate an automatic document release workflow and involve all process participants by using a previously defined release process.

Thanks to various access possibilities, all process participants can be involved into the validation and release workflow: via cockpit or Business Workplace as well as via email, with or without internet access. After a document has been edited and validated by a process participant, it can be passed on automatically or manually to the next participant.

Overview of the update versions of the workflow management tool biz²DocumentControl

Changes in version 2.4.115

  • Extension of the configuration of the optional section „System ID“ (for a better support of the SAP-logon configuration without „saplogon.ini“).
  • Integration of the SAP .Net Connector 3.0.18 Hotfix 1 to be able to read System-IDs

Correction of version 2.4.116

  • Correction of the process of „SystemID“ within the configuration.

New features and additional developments in version 2.4.117

  • A new feature is available for the script evaluation (XML) to check account assignments
  • The display of BIC and bank account number has been optimized
  • The fields „VAT number“ and „tax number“ can be marked in SAP
  • Optimized display of the account assignment of orders
  • Adjusted processing of additional fields of the type „date“
  • A language specific key can now be set for standard quantity units
  • Optimized display of new account assignments without an order reference concerning quantity and quantity units

If you have further questions about the new features of the SAP workflow tool biz²DocumentControl, please contact our support team