Scanner-Software for SAP got an update

Scanner-Software for SAP by inPuncto with an updateThe scanner software update improves the performance of scanning in colour and greyscale

With the scanner software biz²Scanner for SAP you can connect any desired document scanner to the SAP-System. With the scan add-on documents can be easily scanned at the workplace or captured in batch in a central scanner. Afterwards you can archive scanned documents directly via an ArchiveLink connection.

With the update the scanner software biz²Scanner (Version 2.1.40) got new features, like:

1. You can now activate TWAIN transfer mode „Memory“ for every scanner. With this mode you can chose the compressed data transfer for the image files of the scanner hardware, and increase the processing speed, especially for the coloured scanning. It is required, that the TWAIN driver and the hardware support this process.

2. The point where the image optimization occurs got shifted back, so that the edited image will be saved directly on the hard disc when scanning or importing with the scanner software. You can optimize the image (e.g. colour reduction, deskewing, etc.) either when displaying the single pages, or when creating the final file.

The update for optimizing the scanning performance in colours and grey scale with the support of the TWAIN compression clearly shortens the duration of the scanning process and saves you a lot of precious time.

Functions of the scanner software for SAP

You can decide on different scenarios of incoming documents with the scanning tool by inPuncto. These previously determined settings will be applied automatically and contain e.g. the relevant business object, the document type, the format (PDF, TIFF,…) or if the text is searchable (OCR).The transfer of the scanned images in the SAP standard is made via HTTP(S). Since the scanner software is directly connected to SAP, you can also safely capture sensitive data at your work space and assign them to the relevant business object.

The scanner software provides different functions: scrolling through multi-page documents; relocating, cutting out, deleting and pasting single pages; zooming; rotating single scans; pasting images, new pages or separating pages from a central register; etc.

The scan add-on can be applied profitably in many business sectors:

  • Human resource management: scanning and assigning personnel documents (application files, payrolls, travel receipts, etc.)
  • Logistics and production: scanning and assigning delivery notes, goods receipts, orders, etc.
  • Accounting: scanning and assigning incoming invoices, supplier outline contracts, bank correspondences, etc.
  • Management: scanning and assigning incoming invoices, supplier outline contracts, bank correspondences, etc.

If you have questions or need further information about the new features of the scanner software or about the inPuncto add-ons for SAP in general, please contact us.