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Assign your business-relevant documents simply and quickly to the related business objects with the SAP scanner integration solution!

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The SAP scanner integration connects any document scanner with your SAP system. Thanks to this seamlessly scanner connection you can perform scanning and archiving of documents in your SAP system with only one task. Furthermore, you can deposit files in different formats like PDF (A), TIFF etc. The scanned documents are automatically filed, e.g. through ArchiveLink, at the related business object and in the archive.

Moreover, the SAP scanner integration is directly integrated in the GUI and enables a direct communication with the corresponding business object through “Services to an object”. Therefore, the scanner software biz²Scanner, which enables this integration, can also be started outside the GUI:

The handling is amazing easy – certainly easy-to-use.

How does the SAP scanning and archiving of documents to business objects work?

The scanner hardware is located at the employee’s workstation (e.g. a simple document scanner). It is connected to the employee’s workstation computer via USB-/TWAIN interface.

For example, the employee wants to allocate a paper document to an SAP business object, in other words, he needs to assign a scan of a paper document to a certain SAP business object.

Step 1: First of all, the employee logs in in SAP, selects the desired business object and opens the menu “Services to an object” (SAP standard).

Step 2: He chooses the menu entry “biz²Scanner” (the entry can also be called “single scan” or any other name of your choice). Depending on the degree of customization of the SAP system, this menu can display further entries (for ex. the various document types which can be customized for this SAP object)

Step 3: After the employee clicked on the “biz²Scanner”-entry, the scan client opens up (biz²Scanner for SAP), in-Place or Out-Place in the employee’s SAP GUI. biz²Scanner communicates with the scanner via TWAIN. Various configurations are possible and biz²Scanner is equipped with the newest image processing libraries.

Step 4: The employee checks the result and controls the quality using functions like delete page, turn, change order, add page, add an image from file, rescan, etc.

Step 5: Finally, he/she clicks on “save” and the image is transferred to the storage/archive system of SAP (for ex. biz²Archiver). The image is linked to the SAP object using for ex. ArchiveLink. The image (TIFF, PDF) is transfered using the standard SAP HTTP(S). This process also takes care of the relevant data safety issues.

Your benefits with the inPuncto solution

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Working directly at the desired business object, no effortful search: Scanned documents are directly related and callable at the object.

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Usable in all fields of application.

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Quick introduction – intuitive handling.

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No client-sided logic, therefore more security (data privacy) and central care.

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30 minutes to optimize your SAP system!

Experience our SAP software in live demos on a wide variety of topics, such as:


That’s what the SAP scanner by inPuncto can do.

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Application examples

for the scanning & archiving with the SAP scanner integration by inPuncto


General business terms of suppliers, signed basic agreement of the supplier, scan and archive notifications of bank and account changes to the corresponding master record.

Logistics and Production

Scan and archive delivery notes of orders respectively material receipts, orders of customers to commission, quality proof to the batch.

Human Resources Management

Scan and archive data related to employees in the personnel file, scan and archive candidat documents to candidate master record, scan and archive travel vouchers to the trip.


Scan and archive specifications to material, scan and archive A4-A0 drawings/blueprints to DIR, scan and archive measurement protocols (signed with signature) to product.


Scan and archive additional agreements to suppliers, official documents to business objects, restrictions, guidelines, scan and archive norms to business objects etc.

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Scanning in SAP directly to object

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 Documents in SAP

Success Story

Digital document capture using the SAP scanner integration

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