Electronic documents receipt

For the electronic documents receipt that have to be managed in the SAP system you have various “input channels” . Files, XML, PDFs etc. can be linked context-specifically to the SAP logic/processes/objects.

Transferring electronic documents directly in SAP


In addition to paper documents, business-relevant documents are increasingly provided in electronic form. These documents can have various formats, e.g. PDF (embedded TIFF, searchable), PDF-A (embedded/searchable), TIFF, via EDI as IDOC or XML.

The inPuncto ECM software for SAP is prepared for the processing of these electronic documents and formats. The conversion to PDF, PDF-A, TIFF etc. is a modular component of the configurable inPuncto server for the processing of documents of the incoming mail for SAP. Via integrated OCR software also values can be identified automatically.

We adapt the processing of incoming mail and documents according to your wishes to your input channels and initiate the automated processing of various formats (sent via mail, fax, EDI). According to the content of the electronic documents, values are identified (OCR), extracted and bookings, archivings or workflow processes are released context-specifically in your system. Via the integrated cockpit functionality of our software your have a complete overview over these processes.

How does the incoming & processing (incl. OCR) of the electronic documents work?

Here you will find a detailed description of the electronic incoming of documents in SAP as PDF file: Electronic incoming of documents in SAP


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Electronic documents receipt

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 Documents in SAP

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