SAP Excel & SAP email Integration


With the inPuncto software, for example, values can be automatically read from Excel and transferred to SAP. You can also simply drag and drop Outlook e-mails into SAP.

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Synchronize Excel & Outlook documents with SAP data


The SAP Excel and SAP email integration with business-relevant documents is comfortable and secure. The Excel files can be transferred to the biz²ScanServer processing server, for example, via File-Share or later via email. The direct processing is carried out by a special Excel parsing mechanism in the biz²ScanServer and depending on the context and content of the respective Excel document, a specific SAP transaction is addressed and automatically filled. In this way, the SAP object can be booked and an ArchiveLink connection with Excel in the direction of the archive can be created automatically.

The transfer of complete emails or just attached documents, from MS Outlook to SAP can be realised via biz²Office drag-and-drop.
A targeted archiving of emails – i.e. for a process, project or object – gives you transparent and quick access to all business-relevant messages.

We offer you the optimal solution for various issues, e.g.:

  • Can emails be archived directly from Outlook, can SAP be loaded with Microsoft data?
  • Is there a simple drag & drop solution for the interaction between SAP and Outlook?
  • Can data records from Excel be automatically posted to SAP?
  • Can internal structures of SAP be read out and interpreted through Excel files?
  • Excel files can be easily processed, booked and linked via ArchiveLink in SAP.

Your benefits with the inPuncto solution

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  • Simple and secure handling of operationally relevant documents through Excel and email links in SAP, full control and no time-consuming searches.
  • Full consideration of user authorizations: assign emails to the correct business objects, complete documentation of the processes and thus a history and high transparency.
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  • Data is no longer entered manually from Excel into the SAP system.
  • Possibility to record data in SAP via Excel: Prepare data conveniently in the familiar Excel environment, which can then be transferred into SAP.
  • Simple drag & drop for the interaction between SAP and Outlook.
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