Output Management: Document creation in SAP

Output Management: creating documents automatically with SAP data in MS-Office

The creation of documents out of SAP can consume lots of time. But it doesn´t have to, because with the additional software by inPuncto you can create Microsoft Word Documents for the Output Management with only a few clicks, and fill them with current Data out of SAP. Furthermore you can edit the documents individually after having created them.

What is output Management?

Output Management is defined as a process of production, creation and distribution of (physical and electronic) documents to certain recipients (persons or companies) with the aim of optimizing processes and, as a result, save time and expenses. The Output Management is a section of Enterprise Content Managements (ECM).

How does Output Management work with inPuncto-add-ons?

For the automatic creation of documents you first need an SAP-System, which contains the data, structure and logics you want to work with. Furthermore you need a deposition and archiving system, where you can buffer modifiable documents, e.g. our biz²ArchiveServer. In addition you require our biz²OfficeForms for Microsoft Office for creating and editing templates and documents for the Output Management.

The starting point for the creation of documents is a random business object. From the business objects context you can then invoke different document templates and with those the creation of documents. With the functional modules by SAP representative data records are being provided, e.g. business objects from HR/HCM personnel numbers, names, addresses and other personnel specific criteria.
The creation of templates is happening in the SAP-add-on biz²OfficeForms with the usual Microsoft Word interface. With an additional inPuncto menu you can paste MS-Word form elements and their data records easily via Drag&Drop into the template. You can also mold text modules, e.g. for a cover letter, and interlace and adjust different text modules within a text block.

Even spreadsheets, e.g. for an offer creation, can be added easily. Therefor you just need to mold the first spreadsheet row – the remaining data is being dragged out of the SAP system into the spreadsheet. Here, MS-Word is working as a template design tool including the elements and their regulations. SAP provides your data structured.

The direct „WYSIWYG“ (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) convinces with its handling and its transparency when molding. This way you can see exactly how the prospective document will look like.

After creating a template save the Word template as a modifiable document in SAP.
The entire template administration for the Output Management happens in SAP, not in Microsoft or locally! This has the advantage of making the templates available for every participant with the inPuncto solution, and keeping the templates up-to-date. Versions, validities and warrants complete the template management in SAP.

The particular: Templates (e.g. for translations) can be exported without an SAP integration. In addition, you can edit, optimize and reimport templates retrospectively in the SAP system.

The created template, including all elements and their regulations, is being invoked by the document creation out of the SAP context. In the course of this, the template as well as the SAP data, which is designated for the template, is being sent to the inPuncto client biz²OfficeForms. There´s is where the actual creation of documents takes place: The document is being created out of the template.
The advantage of the inPuncto solution: The created documents can be finalized and completed at anytime. The management of the editable documents also takes place in SAP. The creation of a PDF document happens only after finalizing the document. Afterwards the documents, which are provided by the Output Management, can be distributed via SAP, for example via email. Furthermore the documents can be stored audit-proof via inPuncto.
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Automatic document creation

Automatic document creation


Application examples for the automatic document creation

The intelligent document creation by inPuncto is especially practicable in use in the field of

  • human resources (labor contracts, work certificates, certificates of employment, employee letters, approvals of vacation and travel requests, premiums cover letter, etc.) or in the
  • Student Life Circle Management
    (individual study course of students based contextual content).
    But also this solution can be used profitably in the
  • creation of letters, forms, reports, proposals, invoices, price lists, contract documents, etc.

Your benefits with the intelligent document creation by inPuncto

  • Integration of document creation in SAP.
  • Templates for document creation can be create without programming knowledge and complicated scripting (what-you-see-is-what-you-get or WYSIWYG).
  • High flexibility thanks to the easy processing with the MS Office interface.
  • Time savings (and therefore staff cost savings) in the document creation in mass or individual document creation thanks to intelligent template management and data from SAP.
  • The created templates can be can be individually edited at any time via the Office interface.
  • Templates and SAP text modules for document creation are always up to date in the central administration and comply with the corporate design.
  • Audit-proof archiving of the created documents.
  • Reduction of operating costs (elimination of paper, toner and postage costs).

Tested and certified!

GoBD audit certificate

Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software

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