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SAP personnel file completely integrated, comfortable & favourable


Personnel files often contain numerous and different documents which require a central as well as a digital management and filing.

The installation of a new DMS system for the electronic personnel file would be time-, cost- and management-consuming, because the implementation, structuring and the constantly comparison with the central SAP system would be necessary.

Why not make usage of the already existing SAP system for the filing and management of electronic personnel files without detours?

In cooperation with our technology partner top flow GmbH inPuncto offers a comfortable, fast and favourable solution for the management of electronic personnel files directly in SAP HCM (HR).

Because of the transfer of personnel data and authorizations of SAP, the security of sensitive data is guaranteed from the beginning and usual access rights are regarded.

Old stock files as well as new incoming documents of different types are automatically transfered to your system:

The files are automatically linked to the corresponding electronic personnel file in SAP – fast and free of mistakes.

Directly out of the electronic personnel file, different personnel documents can be created very comfortably at the touch of a button.


Feature overview

Access also via Fiori

In addition to the classic access via the SAP system, it is also possible with this software to keep and manage personnel files via a Fiori-based browser application. You will find the same documents as in the SAP GUI and the access authorizations are also the same.

Search files and documents

You can use the cockpit to search for existing electronic files or use a keyword based searching for the content of files and specific documents, thereby saving time when managing and managing e-files.

Printing functionalities

Print the personnel file itself in whole or in part (e.g. only the documents relevant to the application). In order to avoid undesired duplication, the print function can be protected via SAP authorization control.

Functions at "file level"

Functions at “file level” such as history, evaluations, comprehensive search, transfer of files, etc.

Functions at „Document level“

Functions at the “document level”: documents are converted to PDF or TIF, added, scanned, tagged, etc.

Direct scanning

The responsible person can use the integrated ScanClient to scan documents directly into the digital personnel file.

Direct printing to the eFila/ mass capture

Mass scan from document stack. Based on the barcode and patch code sheets, the incoming mail processor recognizes the associated documents for each personnel master datas.

Archiving of electronic personnel file

The personnel files are archived on a separate archive system – in a separate and protected area and linked to the respective eFile via a standard archive link.

Pass on personnel files (loan)

Sometimes it is necessary to pass on personnel files to other employees for keeping and managing them. In order to ensure optimal data protection, you can therefore grant individual employees temporary access rights to certain files.

GDPR-compliant archiving and management of data

Storage and management of data, taking into account legal minimum retention times and the associated blocking periods.

Reassign documents

You can quickly and easily reassign individual documents or move them to another tab using drag & drop.

Connection of the e-mail clients Microsoft Outlook

Due to the complete connection of the e-mail clients Microsoft Outlook and Notes, the e-mail client functions are available to you: e.g. importing, writing, replying, forwarding, sending and Save e-mails, also with attachments. The creation of appointments and tasks from the SAP system is also supported.

Document preview and in-place editing of Office documents

This function allows you to display individual documents within the (partial) structure tree as a document preview. If necessary, you can easily edit Office documents, including by using dynamic sets of rules and thereby track all changes through chronological versioning and content version comparison.

Local check-in and check-out

Local check-in and check-out of PDF documents including comment function.

Mail merge function and bulk printing

The mass document generation (mail merge function) is available to you from SAP.

Note function

In order not to forget anything when keeping and managing the personnel files, you can add reminders and messages to each eFile by clicking on the note icon, edit existing file notes or add a due date. With these notes, the corresponding eFile is displayed at the desired time, so that punctual processing is guaranteed. You can also use the “Appointment tracking” tab to display all upcoming due dates.

Date function

All documents are saved with a creation date and a filing date, which makes it easier to keep and manage personnel files.

Linking and integration of other files (file-in-file principle)

– e.g. Job and applicant file, jump from SuccessFactors.

File controlling

You can have a complete log of all changes and processing created for each electronic personnel file.

Workflow-controlled entry and exit checklist

Via workflow-controlled entry and exit checklist the onboarding and offboarding process can be mastered optimally.

Your benefits with the inPuncto solution

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  • Higher security thanks to role-based access to the electronic personnel file.
  • No third system necessary: Directly integrated in SAP-HCM (SAP ERP oder SAP S/4HANA).
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  • Added value for your existing system.
  • Fast ROI: e.g. reduction of space costs and searching times as well as parallel accesses to electronic personnel files by authorized users.
  • Short project lead times, easy handling.
  • Lower processing time thanks to up to 90% shorter acces- and filing-times.
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  • Definition of individual deletion periods to comply with the GDPR guidelines.
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