Automation of invoice processing in SAP with automated assignment of supplier documents to certain company codes

3U Holding AG automates SAP invoice processing with inPuncto
Company size:
approx. 150 employees

Branch: other economic services (information and telecommunications technology, renewable energies and sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology)

Country: Germany (Marburg), Austria, South Africa; Subsidiaries in Europe and the USA

Challenge: Automated assignment of supplier documents to a specific company code via OCR recognition

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²DocumentControl, biz²Archiver, biz²ScanServer

Concerning departments: accounting, purchase

Project description: Since there are a large number of company codes, we have used inPuncto software to automate the assignment of supplier documents to a specific company code via OCR recognition. For this purpose, all incoming invoices of the company both in paper form and electronically are recorded and provided with barcodes. The incoming mail processor server biz²ScanServer reads the documents via OCR and automatically assigns them to the correct company code in SAP based on the values. According to the characteristic of the invoice and the defined process logic / signature regulation, a SAP workflow is initiated. The first employee of the workflow goes into the invoice cockpit, which starts the workflow management tool biz²DocumentControl and begins processing from there. After the completeness check, the invoice is forwarded to the following employee. Once all approvals and process steps have been completed, the SAP transaction for the update is triggered via the SAP workflow according to the document type (for example, FB60, MIRO, and so on).

Usage: Automatic assignment of supplier documents to a specific company code; complete logging of invoice processing; Determination of due dates and discounts; Authorizations of the employees involved are taken into account in the SAP workflow for invoice processing and invoice release.

Company description: 3U HOLDING AG was founded in 1997 as a network operator “3U Telekommunikation GmbH”. Today the corporation operates in the segments information and telecommunication technology, renewable energy and plumbing, heating and air-conditioning technology and offers comprehensive services for the infrastructure of buildings.

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