Implementation of automatic invoice processing in SAP by a Swiss machine tool manufacturer

Introduction automated invoice processing by swiss manufacturerSAP add-ons of inPuncto GmbH ensures fast processing of paper and email invoices
Project “Introduction automated invoice processing and auditable archiving in SAP“. Our client is headquartered in Switzerland and employs around 600 people. The group of companies includes several subsidiaries and has a worldwide sales and services network the representatives of which are in over 80 countries.

This large enterprises processes over 70,000 (paper and e-mail) bills each year, which have been edited manually. The outdated invoice processing system took a lot of time and money, was very prone to error and complicated legal document compliance.

Expanding the scope of the current SAP system with inPuncto add-ons

The aim was therefore to expand the scope of the current SAP system by adding additional functionality such as automatic invoice processing incl. workflow and audit-proof archiving.

After comparing the various vendors for SAP add-ons the client ultimately selected our software due to its single-source solution portfolio that includes hardware, the modular nature of the products and its excellent cost effectiveness.

The invoice processing solution for our client enables process acceleration via free-form OCR text recognition, standardized approval workflows for different account types in which the language changes automatically (German, English, French).

Management Reports, digitization of the invoices and related process transparency, and the auditable PDF/A-archiving with a bundled encryption server completed the offer. The products biz²Archiv software, biz²CryptoServer, biz²Scanner, biz²ScanServer, biz²DocumentControl and the appropriate hardware for the audit-proof archiving were ultimately included in the package.

Acceleration of the processes with the automated invoice processing in SAP

Following the implementation of the add-ons for automated invoice processing in SAP, our customer could notice a marked acceleration of the processes after a short time and can now access each processed receipt via an electronic archive locally. All invoices can also be found via the standard ArchiveLink link in the posted document.

Employee time can be now shifter away from time-consuming and error-prone manual keying of invoice data. In the meantime, invoices can be tracked while processed at any stage because of the improved process transparency.

As a result of all these measures, the client achieved a fast ROI and short time-to-market for the automated invoice processing and audit-proof archiving system. Thanks to the intuitive operation via the familiar SAP user interface, employees required minimal retraining for the new process.