Our electronic personnel file for SAP HCM was successfully implemented at the TÜV NORD GROUP

TÜV NORD implemented inPuncto electronic personnel file for SAP HCM

Our electronic personnel file in SAP HCM is now successfully implemented at TÜV NORD.

The tailor-made add-on solutions by inPuncto GmbH and IT2 Solutions AG enables employees of TÜV NORD to seamlessly integrate the electronic personnel files with the SAP GUI. The existing SAP system guarantees maximum privacy protection and data security and its safeguards translate to all integrated administrative functions at all times: audit-proof archiving, secure authentication, detailed data access, access logs, and an encrypted transmission of information are examples.

The rollout of the electronic personnel file solution was carried out in two stages:

In the first step, an overview of the existing file policies and structures was used as a preset for the future storage scheme of electronic personnel files and all existing electronic data (e.g. e-mails) in the software. In the second step of introducing the digital personnel file, the integration of business processes, all relevant processing steps could be carried out and reconstructed within each file.

The personnel processes have become much more effective since the introduction of the electronic personnel file because the employees can quickly find required files and access them. Furthermore, adherence to legal requirements at TÜV NORD has been significantly improved by the introduction of the electronic personnel file.

In order to give employees security in the use of new software for the digital personnel file, existing instructions regarding internal policy implementation and data protection have been adjusted. A central point of contact coordinates when internal processes in collaboration with the project team are taken over by the the external advisory team.

The framework also allows for management of external, mobile access to the digital personnel files, the integration of external partners, the balance between transaction processing and other existing systems with sequential control, and the introduction of an electronic archiving.

Success story: Electronic personnel file in SAP-HCM: TÜV Nord (PDF) »