New Release Juli 2021: biz²ArchiveServer 4.0.2

The new version biz²ArchiveServer 4.0.2 now supports the PostgreSQL database in addition to the MS SQL Server.
Furthermore optimizations for customers of the biz²Archiver 3.1 were made with the data transfer.

Archiving software upgrade for GDPR-compliant and innovative data archival solutions

The Archiving Software for SAP was upgradedbiz²ArchiveServer – new version 4

The archiving software by inPuncto is an audit-proof and cost-effective solution and has SAP-certified integration for SAP S /4HANA®. It is fully integrated into the SAP system and covers all storage and archiving forms so that you do not have to save data and documents in the SAP database, which in turn relieves your system.

The product biz²Archiver was implemented in 2001 based on the latest technology at that time. inPuncto – as an established SAP partner on the market – optimally covers current requirements of existing and future customers with its new product biz²ArchiveServer. Today’s technical and legal requirements are met and the administration user interface of the system is designed to be user-friendly.

Overview of advanced capabilities & optimizations

  • GDPR-compliant component “biz²ArchiveServer-ILM”

The SAP component “Information Lifecycle Management” (ILM) is required to archive and manage data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With the new WebDAV-based functionality biz²ArchiveServer-ILM, the storage and management of so-called structured data is supported, taking into account the legislation regulating for statutory retention periods and the related blocking periods. In accordance with the previous issues, data can also be specifically removed if, for example, they have to be deleted to protect personal rights.

  • Use of Unicode encoding for character processing

Character processing has clearly established itself in the direction of Unicode coding, with which all characters in the world can be represented. This development in the IT world is also taken into account with the new software upgrade.

  • Storage of encrypted files

The use of the secure, advanced encryption standard (AES 256) ensures data security if the storage media is lost (an option that can be activated).

  • Storage of compressed files

The possibility of data compression before storage can reduce the storage space required on the storage media (an option that can be activated).

  • File storage antivirus scan

When files are stored, they can optionally be scanned with MS Defender, thus protecting the database from viruses (an option that can be activated). All options that can be activated (virus scanner, encryption and compression) can be configured using the content repository and Internet media type (MIME type).

  • Processing of SAP security certificates

The improved processing of the security certificates enables the customer secure access when filing and accessing stored files.

  • Support of encrypted SSL connections
  • biz²ArchiveServer can send an email to administrators in case of serious problems,
  • Modular adapter for filing systems / filing in the cloud

With the new biz²ArchiveServer a concept for modular adapters for filing systems was realized. The first adapter was implemented for a normal file system in which a separate user ID can also be used. Other adapters such as MS OneDrive or Google Drive can follow.

Better performance of the biz²ArchiveServer by supporting the following components:

  • Virus scanner

SAP has created a possibility to avoid double scanning for viruses during file storage by extending the SAP Content Server HTTP interface version 4.7. The new biz²ArchiveServer complies with this necessary change (available if you have activated).

  • Client support / data separation

The new functionality offers both end customers and service providers the option of multiple installations on one server. Among other things, this enables complete data separation on the storage media. Maintenance activities can be carried out between the different instances largely independently.

  • SAP content server cache

By implementing the SAP Content Server HTTP interface (version 4.6), customers will in future be able to use the SAP scenario for intermediate storage of files (“caching”) in order to be able to work more efficiently at distributed locations. This can significantly increase the access speed.

  • Native 64 bit architecture

The new biz²ArchiveServer was developed as a 64 bit program and integrates seamlessly into existing Microsoft Windows server systems.

Further optimizations of the archive software

  • Use of the new Microsoft .Net Core technology

Microsoft is phasing out the current MS .Net Framework as the basic technology and only offers Microsoft .Net Core as the successor for future software developments. Among other things, this opens up the possibility of further developing the product independently of the platform.

  • Use of new software libraries

The use of new software libraries means that users can expect faster response times. System administrators receive updates from Microsoft in the area of security patches.

  • No use of the Microsoft Internet Information Service

Simplification of the installation and maintenance of the software by the customer

  • Optimizations for multiprocessor hardware

By using the latest software concepts, the hardware used can be used efficiently – this improves the response times for the user.

– Use of MS SQL Server as a database to increase the reliability and performance of the metadata management.
Database backup is also performed using standard MS SQL Server tools.

– The free version of MS SQL Server Express can be used for minimal requirements (low CPU / small number of users, limited number of documents, limitations in the tools supplied).

– The MS SQL Server Standard version will be sufficient in most cases.

The migration from biz²Archiver to the new biz²ArchiveServer will be performed via the component “biz²ArchiveServer Legacy Import”.

Additional advantages with the archiving software

      • InPuncto Archive can also archive data from the ERP, e.g. print lists, ADK files, etc.
      • Since the inPuncto archive system fully supports the SAP DMS, Office integrations are also offered.
      • Documents can be stored in the filing system, although their content can still change. We fully support the SAP DMS concepts (versioning, classification, status network, object links).
      • The SAP ILM add-on module not only supports you in fulfilling the GDPR, but also in reducing your data growth.
      • Active information management through the storage and management of structured data.

If you have any questions about the upgrade or are interested in the conditions, just contact your inPuncto team.