MS Office and e-mail in SAP

Complete integration of e-mails and MS Office with SAP incl. support document creation

SAP-mail integration: Integrate your e-mails and documents from MS Office into SAPSynchronize documents and other contents between MS Office and SAP quickly, easily, and bidirectionally. You can even automatically create serial letters from SAP.

In the daily document handling, most companies and organisations use the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word) along with SAP for document management. Thus, an integration of MS Office with SAP and vice versa is necessary.

Word is usually used as a standard for the filling of templates in SAP but only in unidirectional fashion — from SAP to MS Office. But what happens should changes be made in the other direction as in MS Office to SAP (E.g., if Word files are being altered and need to be transferred back to SAP)?

The answer is biz²Office — an add-on product that offers the best of both worlds: two-way syncing from MS Office to SAP and vice versa: the user gets the benefit of the availability of synchronous values in both suites.

If data is altered in Microsoft Office or in SAP, they are automatically updated in the respective system. The SAP-ERP system therefore can immediately trigger its business logic, for instance a workflow for validation and release.

You can transfer business-relevant e-mails directly out of Outlook into your ERP system very easily. Templates are created in the usual way, for example in Word or Excel, and are available for the “filling” of the ERP system. When saving the documents, the document-specific criteria are queried and the documents are embedded into the logic of the system afterwards.

How does the synchronization between MS Office and SAP with the aid of biz²Office work?

Here you can download a PDF file with detailed information about the integration of MS Office in SAP with the biz²Office: MS Office integration tool biz²Office


Videos about the SAP MS Office integration by inPuncto with the most important advantages for you:
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Integration of MS Office and SAP with inPuncto biz²Office

Integration of MS Office and SAP with inPuncto biz²Office


Benefits of the inPuncto add-on for the integration of MS Office & e-mail in SAP

  • Usual work with MS Office – the SAP system takes the role of the document management system.
  • Outlook e-mail incl. their attachments can be filed in SAP with only one click.
  • Automatically paste and update SAP data fields in the MS Office document.
  • Older, released versions of Microsoft Office documents are not changeable.
  • Avoidance of double filing of Outlook e-mails (in case of multiple recipient addresses).
  • Format-independent deposition of attachments of Outlook e-mails
  • You can use the business logics of your ERP system, also in Microsoft Office!
  • Noother investments in a third system for an external document management.
  • As the “editor” you will use MS Office and SAP serves as a control of document processes.

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