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SAP add-on viewer for images and documents

Sap viewer for visualisation of current image formats in your GUIThe special feature of this SAP document viewer is the realization as a document viewer in the SAP-GUI. That means that in contrast to many other viewers, the biz²Viewer is controlled via SAP. The example of the Adobe Reader makes this evident: many PDF files are saved via SAP.

When calling a file from SAP (in most cases) the Acrobat Reader will be started. The reader loads the image as a completely independent application. Authorizations which can be used for the control of buttons are not given. With the Adobe Reader, the user acts completely outside of the SAP-business logic. This is not the case with the inPuncto SAP document viewer – it is controlled directly from SAP. It is of great importance for business units and organisations, e.g. the personnel area.

The biz²Viewer will be delivered as a client component together with the archive software for SAP biz²ArchiverIn this case there is no client related licensing!

How does the SAP document viewer biz²Viewer work?

Here you can download a PDF file with detailed information about the document viewer: SAP add-on viewer for images

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SAP viewer for images and documents biz²Viewer by inPuncto

SAP viewer for images and documents biz²Viewer by inPuncto


The benefits of the SAP document viewer by inPuncto

  • Comfortable handling, also of large, multi-page images.
  • Direct bounce to a specific site.
  • Easy handling of the viewer in multi-page documents through functions like scrolling, zooming, rotating,…
  • Image-documents can be visualized in numerous formats (multipage-TIFF, JPEG, BMP etc.).
  • Possibilty of saving of documents in divergent formats.
  • Measurement function with calibration to e.g. measure drawings.
  • Printing of documents true to scale, e.g. in drawings: Printing of document extracts.
  • Mailing of the actual document from the document viewer.
  • No client-sided licensing in connection with the SAP-certified archive by inPuncto biz²Archiver.

Tested and certified!

GoBD certification

Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software

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Further SAP add-on products for your documents