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Thanks to the cooperation with business partners, we can offer our customers a full portfolio of solutions for document-based issues

rubinion AG

Development and implementation partner: Electronic processing of invoices and archiving

rubinion AG is an IT service provider and SAP consultant that supports new customers in the introduction and development of complex SAP systems and existing customers through further developments in the respective modules.

Joint projects: With rubinion AG we implement SAP ECM solutions for electronic processing of invoices and archiving for final customers.

itelligence AG


Business partner: Automation of paper-based business processes

The itelligence AG is an internationally acting IT allround service in the SAP area with the focuses ERP solutions, branch solutions, IT integration and datacenter outsourcing.
itelligence is project partner at the introduction of inPuncto products at the final customers.

Joint projects: automated invoice processing (“early archiving”), barcode archiving of incoming invoices (“late archiving”), scanning in SAP etc.

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Business partner: Automation of paper-based business processes / Electronic processing of invoices in SAP

The IBYKUS AG has established itself as a specialist for providing of full range-service in the field of IT: hardware, software and document management.
IBYKUS AG is our project partner and service provider in the implementation of our SAP-integrated solutions for document management for end customers in Central Germany.

Joint projects: automated invoice processing & audit of any document types (“early archiving”), barcode archiving of incoming invoices (“late archiving”), automated processing of incoming mail etc.

abilis GmbH


Business partner: Automation of paper-based business processes / Electronic invoice processing in SAP

The abilis GmbH is a SAP and IT full-service provider for the mid-sized manufacturing industry and offers the full range of services from consulting to implementation and commissioning of solutions.

As our project partner abilis undertakes the service and we deliver the products for automation of paper-based business processes for medium-sized enterprises customers.

Joint projects in the area:  large scanning and automated processing of documents (invoices), SAP archiving etc.


ZALARIS Deutschland AG

Business partner: Electronic file in the personnel area and archiving

Our partner, ZALARIS Deutschland AG, is part of the Zalaris Group and emerged from sumarum AG (formerly IT2 Solutions AG) in 2018. Zalaris Deutschland is a full-service provider for IT solutions and process consulting in all back-office-relevant areas (for example, Human Resources (HR) / Financial Accounting (FI / CO)).
Together with ZALARIS Deutschland AG, we have already successfully implemented numerous solutions for end customers in the personnel area.

Joint projects: electronic personnel file, scanning in SAP, SAP archiving etc.

top flow GmbH


Business partner: Automation of paper-based business processes and archiving

The top flow GmbH is a SAP consulting company which focuses on the development of independent products for the complement of the SAP products spectrum’s range of functions.
Together with inPuncto, the business partner top flow offers solutions for the digital illustration of file- and process-oriented procedures.

Joint projects: automated invoice processing (“early archiving”), barcode archiving of incoming invoices (“late archiving”), scanning in SAP etc.

joinApps AG


Business partner: Automation of paper-based processes

JoinApps develops independent solutions in the area of the SAP document management system for the document processing and document process optimation. Development, consulting and support of SAP in the area of the document management are the focuses of the company.

Joint projects: With the business partner joinApps, it is contributed a long and competent partnership in the field of electronic invoice processing of the final customers.

INCOM Storage GmbH


Business partner: Optical archiving

INCOM Storage is Value Added Distributor of digital storage, archive & duplication solutions for IT commerce, integrators and system houses in Europe.
The business partner INCOM complements the inPuncto archiving scenarios with performant, safe archive and storage media (jukeboxes, opt. archiving).

Joint project: Long-term archiving of data and documents in SAP.

Kodak GmbH


Business partner: Scanner hardware for middle page volume

Kodak is among others producer of document scanners.

Joint projects: As a business partner Kodak complements our solutions for the automation of paper-based business processes in the mid volume range with an excellent price-performance ratio of its scanners.

InoTec GmbH


Business partner: Scanner hardware for large page volumes

The business partner InoTec is innovation leader at the scanner market. The high-performance document scanner enables fast and reliable scanning also of difficult receipt types and in a large volume starting from 1.000/1.500 pages per day.

Joint projects: Coupled with the hightech devices, inPuncto offers optimated solutions in the high-end area of the automation of paper-based business processes.

All for One Steeb AG


Business partner: Automation of paper-based business processes

Our business partner All for one Steeb ranks among the leading SAP allround provider in the German-speaking middle class market. The portfolio of the SAP Gold parnter contains integrated solutions and services along the entire IT value chain – from SAP branch solutions through to outsourcing and application management.

Joint projects: Together with All for One Steeb we have numerous customer projects in the field of workflow document-driven business processes realized.

M-Strategy GmbH
Gemeinsame Projekte im Bereich Online Marketing & Webauftritt

Business Partner: Online Marketing Consulting

M-Strategy is a young online marketing and SEO agency in the heart of Stuttgart and offers as a full-service agency website creation, website optimization, website analysis, competitive analysis and keyword analysis as well as content marketing and social media marketing.The unique selling points of the companies are elaborated and conveyed by individual concepts to target groups.

Joint Online Marketing & Web Projects: Developing and implementing a strategic marketing concept to increase visibility and relevance to target audiences in a challenging digital market environment.

Ebner Stolz Mönning Bachem


Business Partners: legal advice and IT audit

The independent mid-sized consulting company Ebner Stolz Mönning Bachem is one of the top ten in the sector and is among other active also in the fields of auditing, tax and legal advice.
It is also at your disposal for comprehensive advice on the subject of “Law Compliance: Audit security & electronic archiving of invoices and other documents”.

Joint projects: compliance & audit compliance, automated invoice processing (“early archiving”), barcode archiving of incoming invoices (“late archiving”).