inPuncto scan client for SAP got an update

Update scan-client for SAPThe Version 2.1.46 includes several improvements and new features

With the inPuncto scan client for SAP, you can connect any document scanner to your SAP System. This allows you to implement both central scan scenarios by capturing entire document batches at once and assigning them to the relevant business objects, or you can scan individual documents and transfer them directly to the SAP system.

Improvements and New Functions of Version 2.1.46

  • The available main memory for the applications has been optimized and increased.
  • Necessary libraries (MS Redistributable C++ 2010 and 2012) have been included in the setup.
  • Improvement in the setup for the transfer of 32 bit registry files (customizing) on 64 bit systems
  • General improvements through the use of SAP Net Connector 3.0.21 / GdPicture.NET_12.0.60

You can use the scan add-on for SAP profitably in many company areas:

  • Human Resources: Scanning and assigning personnel documents (application documents, payrolls accounting, travel receipts,etc.)
  • Logistics and production: Scanning and assigning delivery notes, material documents, purchase orders, and so on.
  • Accounting: Scanning and allocation of incoming invoices, supplier master agreements, bank correspondences, etc.
  • Management: Scanning and assigning of additional agreements, official documents, guidelines, standards, etc.

If you have any questions about the new features of the scanner software or general questions about the inPuncto add-ons for SAP do not hesitate to contact us.