SAP security enhancement for archived data and documents: check against unplanned changes (even in a batch)

SAP Archiv-Software Update - sap security enhancementChange detection on archived files now possible with the archiving software by inPuncto

The inPuncto Archiving software for SAP® is an archiving system with SAP-certified integration with SAP S/4HANA® that fully utilizes SAP logic and offers elegant, modern and future-proof solutions for document storage and archiving in the areas of SAP ContentServer and SAP ILM.

For long-term archiving, it is particularly important that the archive complies with the legal requirements in the sense of audit-security. An important point here is to ensure change protection and data integrity.

Powered SAP security with additional protective measures of the archived files

The new version of the Archiving software biz²ArchiveServer 4.0.4 now supports the validation of the stored files – both in the ContentServer and ILM WebDAV interface systems.

For this purpose, a checksum is calculated during file storage and stored in the database. In the case of read accesses, the checksum is calculated again for the saved file and compared with the value in the database. If there is any discrepancy, the access to the file can be blocked and the administrator can be notified.

Thus, unplanned changes, such as hardware errors, changes due to malware, etc., can now be detected at an early stage – either when accessing the file or when running the validation job.

Quickly determine the cause of an error

During the validation process, corresponding outputs are displayed in the interface of the admin tool and written to the trace file, which provides important information for error analysis. In addition, another file is generated, which can be technically evaluated if required.

In the admin tool interface of the biz²ArchiveServer, a validation run can also be initiated over all or certain files/media.

Create checksums afterwards

For files that have already been stored in older versions of the biz²ArchiveServer, the checksums are generated during the first access or a validation run and supplemented in the database.

Files from the earlier software version (3.1), migrated via b2AS_LegacyImport to the new biz²ArchiveServer (Archiving Software Upgrade) are re-read and receive then their checksum immediately.

If you have any questions about the new version of the archiving software and the SAP security additional protective measures, please feel free to contact the inPuncto-Support Team!