The retrospective of the year 2022

Retrospektive des Jahres 2022The year 2022 was another turbulent one, in which we had to deal with both good and difficult things and faced numerous challenges. Thanks to our strong team, we managed to get everything under control. We have summarized the most important things for you below.

SAP software updates

Module-extended incoming mail processing server biz²ScanServer for SAP

At the beginning of the year, our incoming mail processing server biz²ScanServer for SAP was released with a new version that makes the document processing even more convenient and secure. Many new possibilities are opened up by the new modules, such as the conversion module, which is used both in the area of long-term archiving and in the XInvoice area. Another module – the communication module enables a higher degree of automation on the other side, e.g. for e-mails with up to 8 attachments!
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On one of our priority issues – the topic of “security” has also been quite a bit, as we always strive to provide the highest level of security with relevant protective measures.

In this sense, the latest update of the archiving software introduced an additional security feature.

The archiving software biz²ArchiveServer for SAP, which received the recertification for the HTTP content server interface and another one for the new WebDAV ILM interface in 2021, supports the users with many more useful features! It also provides additional protections of archived files: the ability to validate stored files allows them to be checked for unplanned changes – both in the ContentServer and ILM WebDAV interface systems.

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inPuncto as a reliable SAP partner on the SAP Store

Now the inPuncto archiving software is also available in the SAP Store – the global marketplace for SAP partners whose products and solutions meet the high SAP requirements.
A prerequisite for this was the successfully performed and completed Application Readiness Check. As a result, this SAP add-on has also established itself as a frontrunner in the field of data and document archiving and brings you real added value for your SAP system – seamlessly integrated and quality-assured.

New SAP customers who have opted for the inPuncto high-performance solutions

Customers from a wide range of industries, such as administration, automotive, manufacturing, mechanical and plant engineering and more joined the inPuncto cliens. inPuncto welcomes them and is already looking forward to the good cooperation and to master all the customer needs and challenges with powerful solutions!

inPuncto web presence – our website shines in a new design

The inPuncto website has a new design and delights visitors with its fresh appearance, slim structure and the new possibilities for an even simpler, uncomplicated appointment booking for individual live DEMOs of various solutions, such as “Process invoices electronically”, “Process orders electronically”. , “Barcode archiving & direct document scanning”, “Archive delivery bills” and more.

News on cloud services

New content on the topic of “cloud services” can now also be found on our website, with interesting offers for software-as-a-service in the areas of “archiving“, “document processing“, “invoice processing“.
You would like to outsource all or parts of your SAP processes to the cloud and count on the use of powerful SAP add-ons – we would be happy to support you!

We offer you:

– ISO certified modern & secure data centers in Germany
– Attractive offer and flexibility through scalable business models depending on the customer size.
– Short implementation time
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inPuncto Donations

Also this year we remained true to our motto: “Donate instead of give” and support charitable projects, such as: VAMOS JUNTOS, DKMS gemeinnützige GmbH, Seenotretter, das Deutsche Komitee für UNICEF, The Proklinikum Esslingen support association, as well as other social projects that are particularly close to the hearts of inPuncto employees: You can find more information here

Thanks for your loyalty

Taking the opportunity we want to thank our customers and partners once again for the trust they have placed in us and we are looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation.
We wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2023 year!