Roll-out of the new module-extended inbound mail processing server for SAP

biz²ScanServer big update with module extentionWith the new update of the inbound mail processing software for SAP biz²ScanServer (V2.6.75) the processing procedures are made even more comfortable, forward-looking and secure for our users

The processing server for incoming content to SAP enables users to automatically process documents and files, trigger workflows in SAP, as well as link to business objects and archive.
The update of the inbound mail processing server biz²ScanServer (version 2.6.75) includes the following innovations:

New conversion module

Conversion for long-term archiving!

Files in formats such as Word, Excel, etc. are known to be changeable and are already therefore not suitable for proper archiving. Above all, file formats can be comparatively short-lived due to constant further developments and extensions. Downward compatibility of file formats over many years is not guaranteed. In the worst case, files can only be displayed incorrectly or even not at all.

With the new conversion module, you are prepared for the future and can now counteract possible loss of information!
It allows you to convert to PDF/A! The “A” stands here concretely for “archive”. The file format PDF/A is specifically designed for long-term archiving of digital documents, so you can be sure to have access to your information even after decades.
Via various sources (e.g. email, file directories, network drives), the biz²ScanServer receives your files and converts them to PDF/A.


  • Conversion of MS Office documents: Excel
    incl. various document-specific configuration options:
    – Definition of the maximum number of pages to be converted per tab
    – Definition of the tabs to be converted
    – Possibility to define the print area using rows and columns (e.g. H1:H4)
  • Conversion of MS Office documents: Word
    incl. various document-specific configuration options:
    – Transfer of text marks
    – Conversion of embedded documents
    – Transfer of comments
  • Conversion of email (including attachments) to a PDF/A file
    incl. various document-specific configuration options:
    – Mail text can be excluded from the conversion process
    – Mail header as text within the PDF or as a PDF attachment
    – Mail attachments can be excluded from conversion
  • Conversion of further MS Office documents, e.g. PowerPoint
  • Conversion of OpenOffice formats, etc.

Conversion “XInvoice” for visualization!

There are various eInvoice formats on the market, that also meet the legal requirements. Nevertheless, the eInvoice formats differ in electronic processing and handling. For example, the format “ZUGFeRD” is a PDF with an embedded XML file. Our mass processor “biz²ScanServer” looks into the ZUGFeRD PDF, recognizes the XML inside and reads out the invoice data via a ZUGFeRD specific XML parsing. The PDF is then used automatically, e.g. by those involved in the approval workflow, to visualize the invoice.

However, the equally popular eInvoicing format “XInvoice”, which is also mandatory for invoicing authorities in many federal states in Germany, is different. XInvoice is a pure machine-readable XML, i.e. without PDF for visualization, which does not exactly simplify it in daily work.

The new biz²ScanServer now changes this situation! Incoming XInvoices can now also be visualized in addition to the automatic reading!
With its new conversion module, the biz²ScanServer converts the XInvoice XML into a readable PDF. As a result, the invoice information is displayed transparently in a standardized invoice layout and is therefore visible to everyone. Another advantage: In addition to the XML file, you can also attach the generated invoice PDF to the posted SAP invoice document, so that the invoice information is immediately visible during later searches!

Currently, directly available is the conversion of the XInvoice to PDF. The conversion of other pure XML invoice formats can be implemented on request. The conversion of other XML files can also be realized according to customer requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

New communication module with new mailing component

Optimization option on 1 input channel!
The processing sequence within the input channel (email / file share) can now be defined even more concretely with the release of the new incoming mail processing software! Where, for example, several input channels were previously required, the number can now be reduced in the future, depending on the application scenario. This results in less operating errors and in the simplification of your workflows.

Example: Different “variants” of incoming invoices

  • PDF-only invoices,
  • Pure XML (e.g. XInvoices, FatturaPA),
  • PDF with embedded XML (e.g. ZUGFeRD),
  • Pairs consisting of PDF + XML (e.g. SIX Paynet, Postfinance)

can now entered into processing via a common biz²ScanServer input channel! The inPuncto Server automatically identifies the correct “invoice variant” as well as the respective invoice format and initiates the required processing procedures (e.g. OCR or format-specific XML parsing).

Example: Higher degree of automation for emails with up to 8 attachments
With the new software version, incoming emails can be automatically distinguished, e.g. according to the number of email attachments! I.e. when forwarding an email to the biz²ScanServer, the user no longer has to distinguish between numerous specific incoming channels (mail addresses). The updated software recognizes via 1 email input channel, thanks to an intelligent processing mechanism, whether or how many attachments an email has and which processing procedure is to be triggered.

In addition, terms can be read out from the file names anyway. This is relevant, for example, for emails that contain other invoice attachments in addition to the actual invoice. As a result, the invoice is identified by the name and the attachments are transferred to SAP as additional attachments.

New analysis options & increased security

Ad-hoc analysis options!

The log detail levels can be changed while the Server is running. With the new biz²ScanServer, existing situations can be analyzed ad-hoc with extended logging in case of support.

Increased security!

The new biz²ScanServer now supports additional authentication methods. As a further feature, alternative SMTP servers can be configured to be used if the primary SMTP server fails.

If you have any questions about the new modules & features of the inbound processing software for SAP by inPuncto, please feel free to contact the inPuncto support team!