Introduction of the solution “Late Archiving in SAP with the Barcode Procedure” for an energy service provider

Archiving solution for SAP by inPunctoSuccessful implementation of the project with implementation partner itelligence

Towards the end of 2018, we successfully implemented the project “Late Archiving in SAP with the Barcode Scanning Procedure” for our customer, an energy service provider and manufacturer of battery storage systems. Our customer employs around 350 people at a total of seven locations in Germany, Italy, the UK, the USA and Australia.

inPuncto standard scenario meets all customer requirements

For the implementation of the project “Late Archiving with the Barcode Procedure”, no customer-specific configuration of the software was necessary. The inPuncto standard scenario has a wide range of functions so that all our customer’s requirements were met and no adjustments had to be made.

inPuncto add-on software extends the SAP system with barcode archiving

To process inbound documents with the inPuncto and itelligence solution, SAP objects are first created using an SAP transaction (such as FB60 or MIGO). When the documents are updated, an automatic barcode query is performed. In order to be later assigned to the corresponding document, the barcode is attached to the incoming document with a barcode roll / label and recorded with a barcode hand scanner. Through transaction OAM1, all SAP objects with a barcode are visible in the invoice cockpit.
The documents, which were already provided with a barcode and registered via a hand scanner, are subsequently scanned in batch, separated with the document processor biz²ScanServer in the background, read out and transferred to the archive. During document entry, the barcode is also read out and automatically linked to the previously created SAP object. This process, namely the linking of a document to a “waiting”, previously generated, SAP object, is referred to as “late archiving”.

Archiving solution for SAP simplifies document processing

Thanks to the collective solution of inPuncto and itelligence, the processing of incoming documents is not only easier for our customers, but also much faster and nearly error-free, in contrast to manual document capture. The intuitive operation of the inPuncto software via the familiar SAP interface required only a minimal training and after a short time all employees dealing with it were able to work safely with the new solution.

Our customer is also enthusiastic about the good price-performance ratio and thanks to the overall accelerated document processing and the resulting monetary benefits, the investment will pay for itself within a short time.