Update of the inPuncto archiving software for SAP

Update of the archiving software for SAP by inPunctoVersion 3.1.7 of the biz²Archiver provides improvements in the retrieval of documents and information

With the inPuncto archiving software for SAP® you can archive your data and documents quickly, convenient and auditable. In addition, the software recently received SAP certification for integration with SAP S/4HANA®, which confirmed that biz²Archiver is integrated the with SAP S/4HANA over standard integration technologies.

The archiving software covers all common storage and archiving forms so that you do not have to save data and documents in the SAP database, which in turn discharges your SAP system. With the optional additional module biz²CryptoServer, which is placed between SAP server or client and SAP archive, you can encrypt data and documents and thus protect against unauthorized access. The data are not stored in the biz²CryptoServer, but only forwarded for encryption / decryption.

New features of version 3.1.7

  • Improved support for retrieving documents in the web browser (e.g. with SAP Fiori).
  • Improved HTML display when retrieving information with SAP HTTP “serverInfo” in the web browser.

Benefits of the inPuncto archiving software for SAP

  • The archive is addressed via the standard interface “HTTP (S)” – which means much better performance, as the transfer of documents takes place directly between the requesting client and the archive and not via SAP application servers.
  • The archive uses completely the SAP logics, such as User administration and permissions. This defines the filing and archiving scenarios.
  • Optional encryption technology turns even hard drives into WORM-enabled media.
  • The licensing policy of the archive is independent of the number of users and the number of documents: simply a great price-performance ratio.
  • No duplicate maintenance of user and authorizations.
  • No special requirements for the infrastructure.
  • Virtualized!

If you have any questions about the new functions of the archiving software biz²Archiver, feel free to contact our support team!